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21 November 2020

Better Place for People Health & Wellbeing

IEN has been invited to give the talk "Wellbeing from Biophilic and Healthy Building Designs" for the online seminar organized by malaysiaGBC on 21 Nov 2020 (9:00-12:30). The seminar is aptly following the recent launch of WorldGBC's "Health & Wellbeing Framework" - a high-level educational resource, structured across six core principles for health and wellbeing in the built environment. With three WELL AP (accredited professional) staff, IEN welcomes this increased focus on creating healthy and stimulating indoor spaces, which arguably is the biggest benefit of high performing environmentally friendly buildings, albeit health, wellbeing and human productivity are difficult to measure. Other speakers at the seminar include CK Tang (malaysiaGBC), Heather Banerd (enCity Urban Solutions), Dato' Dr. Ar. Kenneth Yeang (T.R. Hamzah & Yeang) and Giovvani Cossu (National University of Singapore) .

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1 November 2020

Scientific Committee of IBPC2021

IEN has been invited to be part of the Scientific Committee for the 8th International Building Physics Conference (IBPC2021), which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-27 August, 2021. This conference unites researchers and practitioners from the construction industry worldwide. Conference delegates share new research, demonstrate innovative and sustainable building technologies and discuss current and future challenges and solutions within building physics. The conference will include technical sessions, keynote speakers, workshops and networking events. Subjects of the conference are allocated within these thematic groups:

- PHYSICS: heat, air, moisture, light/daylight, building acoustics
- OBJECTS: materials, building envelope, whole buildings, indoor/outdoor environment
- SUSTAINABILITY: energy efficiency, durability, circular construction, climate

The conference will be hosted by the Technical University of Denmark and is organized in cooperation with Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and Lund University. The deadline for submitting abstracts for the conference is 30 November 2020.

IBPC2021 Conference (click)
31 October 2020

Health is Wealth

IEN (Gregers) has been invited to the architectural conference archiQ and will be speaking on the topic "High Performance Buildings: Health is Wealth". The main point of the presentation is that while energy efficient buildings have an attractive ROI, the biggest benefit with even shorter payback times comes from creating healthy and conducive building spaces that improve health and wellbeing augmenting productivity and reducing illness. With salaries constituting approximately 80% of the operational cost of office buildings, even a small improvement in human health and productivity will easily justify the extra investment in achieving improved building performance. The other speakers will be speaking on "Resilience & The Smart City of the Future" (Ar David Mizan Hashim, Veritas Design Group), "The Profession is Architecture, The Business is Entrepreneurship" (Dato’ Ar Nafisah Radin, NR Architect), "Introducing Section 17A of the MACC Act" (Jayantha Kumar, MACC / SPRM), and "How Wind Engineering Can Add Value to Your Project" (Masoud Moinfar, Fenestra Malaysia).

The conference, which is organised by the Association of Consulting Architects Malaysia (acam), takes place 9am to 5pm on Saturday 31st October 2020 at Consist College, MRR2, Ampang Hulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur.

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15 October 2020

ROI of Green & Healthy Buildings

IEN (Regina) has been invited to be a panelist at an industry discussion entitled "The ROI of Green & Healthy Buildings". The three panelists will share insights and case study data relating to the costs and returns of sustainable and healthy buildings. The discussion will include a look at WELL, LEED, and other regional certification standards like Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI), and an analysis of costs incurred to conform to various standards, ROI gained, and ROI timeframes. Each of our experts will review case studies on the ROI of certified buildings in Malaysia and the US, including Paramit’s “Factory in the Forest", along with various international examples that apply the WELL Building Standard. The three panelists and their presentation titles are:

Director of Operations, Europe, International WELL Building Institute
"The WELL Building Standard and the ROI of Healthy Buildings"

"Paramit's 'Factory in the Forest', and IKEA: Benefits Gained from Green and Healthy Building Design"

"Green Cost, Greener Profits: A Quantified Analysis of Certified Buildings in Malaysia"

This free webinar takes place on 15 October 2020 at 9 pm (Malaysian time) and includes a panel discussion as well as Q&A with the audience.

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6 October 2020

Green Property Trends

IEN has been invited to give the talk "Property Market: Top 5 green trends" at the MARC 360 webinar at 10 am (6 Oct 2020). The building sector has the biggest and cheapest greenhouse gas emission saving potential and will therefore play a key role in the low-carbon transition across the World. In Malaysia, the government launched a Low Carbon Cities program in 2014, whose implementation needs to be accelerated. The theme of the seminar is “Environmental and Sustainable Trends in the Property Sector” and will include speakers from Vigeo (Juliette Macresy, head of issuer business) and MARC Risk Management Solutions (Milly Leong Soek Yee).

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October 2020

Hydrogen Economy

IEN wrote an article about the hydrogen economy for the September/October 2020 issue of the Green Newspaper. Our article entitled "A Solution to the Climate and Plastic Crisis" makes the point that the hydrogen economy can kill two birds with one stone, name helping in the transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy as well as reducing plastic pollution, because all plastics can be made into hydrogen fuel through pyrolysis. In a World fully powered by renewable energy, hydrogen will serve as an energy storage to mitigate fluctuating power from wind and solar. Hydrogen also offers an interesting solution to the aviation industry, which has begun exploring zero greenhouse gas emission fuels, as required by the European Union. This opinion article, written by Gregers Reimann and Siew Zhi Tao, argues that hydrogen is one of the important pieces in the puzzle in the effort to urgently decarbonize the global economy in order to avoid catastrophic and irreversible climate change.

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October 2020

WorldGBC Finalist

IEN is proud to have a project among the finalists of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2020, which only takes place every second year. The list of finalists was announced by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for the five categories "Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award (three separate categories for Commercial, Institutional & Residential)", "Business Leadership in Sustainability Award", and "Women in Green Building Leadership Award". Our project, Paramit - factory in the forest, is listed among the four finalists in the category "Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award (Commercial)". The Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award recognises pioneering green building projects that deliver a range of benefits through a holistic approach to sustainability.

The 12-panel jury for the award is: Bernard Li (Program DirectorAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat), Naoko Nemoto (Financial Economist, Asian Development Bank Institute), Milag San Jose- Ballesteros (Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Oceania at C40), Autif Sayyed (Regional Green Building Specialist (Asia), International Finance Corporation), Christopher John Webster (Professor and Dean, The University of Hong Kong), Curt Garrigan (Chief of the Sustainable Urban Development Section, UN ESCAP), Jennifer Layke (Global Director, Energy Program, World Resources Institute), Kevin Hydes (Chair and Founder, Integral Group), Pamela Phua (General Director of Vietnam, Decorative Paints South Asia, AkzoNobel), Jennifer Gerholdt (Director, Corporate Engagement, We Mean Business Coalition), and Jahangir S.M. Khan (Past President, ARCASIA Architects, Regional Council Asia).

The winner will be announced on 3rd December 2020.

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Paramit poster (click)
Paramit - factory in the forest (click)
30 September 2020

Ecopuncture Book Launch Webinar

IEN (Gregers) has been invited as speaker for the Ecopuncture book launch webinar series exploring how to "create spaces, buildings and cities to make people happier and our planet healthier". Fellow speakers are Dr. Nirmal Kishnani (author of the book "Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia") and Keagan Rubel (Head of Sustainability and Circular Economy, CBRE). The event is hosted and organized by carpet manufacturer, Interface, whose founder, the late Ray Anderson, famously started its pioneering focus on environmental sustainability in 1994 with its announcement of "Mission Zero". By 2019, Interface achieved carbon lifecycle neutrality across its entire product portfolio and also launched its regenerative "Climate Take Back" initiative to reverse climate change. The moderator for this free webinar (Wed, Sep 30, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST) is Interface Asia Sustainability lead Maxine Chen.

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23 September 2020

Moving on with COVID-19 – The World Towards Sustainable Built Environment

IEN (Khim Bok) has been invited to be one of the panelist in a webinar organized by Institut Sultan Iskandar Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with Green Cities and Construction Research Group, Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, UTM entitled "MOVING ON WITH COVID-19 – THE WORLD TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT”.

For this particular Webinar, four panels from different fields of the built environment have been invited to discuss this issue within the context of moving on with the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from IEN, the panelist will include representatives from PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architects), Ecoknights as well as from Green Cities and Construction Research Group, Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Tune in to the webinar via live stream on Facebook on Wednesday 23rd September at 11am to 1pm on this link:

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9 September 2020

Synthesising A Green Factory

IEN (Gregers) has been invited to give a joint talk with Design Unit Architects (John Bulcock) on the integrated design process, design philosophy and technical solutions behind our multi-award-winning energy efficient, green and highly biophilic factory project. The Paramit electronics factory in Penang has achieved 40% measured energy savings. Equally important, an anonymous post-occupancy survey showed high appreciation levels for the natural environment, conducive daylit work spaces with views to greenery and a strong connection to Nature.

The event is part of the Premier Lecture Series by the University Malaya Architectural Department (Faculty of Built Environment) and is hosted by Assoc. Prof. (I) Ar. Sarly Adre. Join via live stream on Facebook on Wednesday 9 September at 8:30 pm on this link:

Event Poster (click)
Video of design features of Paramit (click)
Paramit project page (IEN, DU)
Synthesising A Green Factory, Facebook Live recording (click)
27 August 2020

Integrated Sustainable Design (MSc ISD)

IEN has been invited back as speaker for the M.Sc. degree course Integrated Sustainable Design (MSc ISD), run by Dr. Nirmal Kishnani at the School of Design and Architecture, National University of Singapore (NUS). This one-year post-professional programme addresses the global sustainability challenge by tackling both the building and urban scales, and integrating knowledge from the disciplines of architecture, engineering, landscape design, planning, urban design and biological science.

The line-up of speakers is: Wong Mun Summ (co-founding director, WOHA Architects, Singapore), Ada Fung (director, World GBC, Hong Kong GBC, Hong Kong), Sanjay Prakash (principal, SHiFt - Studio For Habitat Futures, India), Gregers Reimann (director, IEN Consultants, Malaysia), Lena CHAN (senior director, International Biodiversity Conservation Division, NParks, Singapore), Poh Choon Hock (researcher, Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology, NParks, Singapore), Anuj Jain (co-founder, Biomimicry Singapore Network), Alakesh Dutta (senior executive architectural associate, Surbana Jurong Private Limited), and Heather Banerd (Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl). In addition to these distinguished Asian speakers, students will hear from two renowned global experts: Peter Head (founder and chief executive officer, Ecological Sequestration Trust, United Kingdom) and Wolfgang Kessling (director of climate engineering company, Transsolar KlimaEngineering, Germany).

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15 August 2020

malaysiaGBC Awards

IEN was happy to see two of our green building projects win at the malaysiaGBC Leadership in Sustainability Awards 2020, namely in the category "Best New Green Commercial Building" (Sausana PjH, Lot 2C5) and in the category "Best New Green Factory" (Paramit - factory in the forest). YB Yeo Bee Yin was presenting the awards in this online event. Congratulations to all the winners and the teams behind.

Winning projects by IEN (click)
malaysiaGBC facebook post (click) Paramit project page (click)
Sausana PjH, Lot 2C5 project page (click)
6 August 2020

Transition to Renewable Energy

Austin (IEN) will be one of the speakers at the Webinar “The Impact of the Pandemic on The Oil Industry and The Transition to Renewable Energy”. The objective of this webinar is to discuss the current status and impact of Covid-19 on the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry as well as the Renewable Energy (RE) industry. This webinar also aims to assist students to plan their future now and after their studies, especially those who are studying O&G-related courses. The event will be on 6th August 2020, 2PM.

The webinar is organized by Youth Professional Network, Energy Institute (EI) Malaysia. EI is a UK-based not-for-profit chartered professional membership body bringing global energy expertise together to tackle urgent global challenges. Its mission may be simply summarized as ensuring that “Energy and the critical role that it plays in our world is better understood, managed and valued”.

IEN will be discussing the true cost of fossil fuel, energy pricing. global coal power plant status and the O&G majors' transition strategies. The energy solutions of tomorrow are no longer found below the ground. It's time to look above ground for renewable energy sources like wind & solar. Why not take the opportunity and ride the Green Wave together? Those O&G producers who resist a transitioning now might very well soon find that they have missed the boat.

Webinar flyer (click)
IEN's presentation (click)
Energy Institute Malaysia (click)
18 July 2020

Green & Healthy Interior Fit-Out

IEN is conducting a ½ day sustainability training on "Green and Healthy Interior Fit-Out" project practices. We will not only tell why environmentally friendly fit-outs are important, both for the health of the globe, but also for human health. The training will also elaborate on how green fit-outs are achieved in practice for each stage of the construction, i.e. during the early design stage, the tender stage, the construction stage, and the post-construction stage. The training will be interactive, so that the main concerns of the participants (ID contractors, designers etc) are addressed. The training will also include a real-time indoor air quality demonstration using two wearable air quality sensors.

The training is organized by the Malaysian Interior Industry Partners (MIIP) association and will be conducted 9:30 am - 1:30 pm on 18 July 2020.

Flyer (click)
MIIP website (click)
Training video available at MIIP Facebook page (click)
Air quality of paint experiment (video)
16 July 2020

Bicycle Infrastructure

Gregers (IEN) is a life-long bicycle commuter in Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Singapore and for the last 13 years in Kuala Lumpur, and has been invited as a speaker at the event "How to Design a Good Cycling Infrastructure in Malaysia's Cities" organized by Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP). The title of Gregers' talk is "KL Bicycle Infrastructure Assessment and Aspiration: Perspective of a Bicycle Commuter". The other speakers are Mr. Timothy Wong (founder of TRYKE, the electric skate-scooter sharing scheme), Ms. Hawa Mohamed Jamil and Ms. Azzuhana Roslan (both from the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, MIROS). The seminar is moderated by Mr. Md. Farabi Yussoff bin Md Yussof (PLANMalaysia). The webinar is 10 am - 1 pm, 16 July 2020.

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Download presentation "KL Bicycle Infrastructure Assessment and Aspiration: Perspective of a Bicycle Commuter" (click)
1 July 2020

RTM TV Interview

IEN was interviewed for a television program "Green Investing" to be shown at the Malaysian national television station Berita RTM. The 13-episodes will be aired on Wednesday afternoons (3:30-4:00 pm) starting from 1st July until 23rd September 2020. The episode featuring IEN Consultants is entitled "Top Countries that are Leading the Sustainable Energy Industry". For this episode, we touch upon inspirational green developments taking place in Costa Rica (Suwan Bonma), Singapore (Chin Hong), New Zealand (Sheena Moses) and Denmark (Gregers Reimann). It was a meaningful experience to take part in this television program to help spread awareness about going green, what other countries are doing and why there is no time to waste. Moreover, it was a pleasure meeting the production manager, Andrew Shin (May Vision), who is specialized in doing TV programs about green / sustainable / environmental issues.

Online streaming of Berita RTM (TV-5) programs (click)
Behind the scenes photos at IEN Consultants (click)
July 2020

Architecture in Malaysia

A short video celebrating the works of Malaysian architects has been made by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) and the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MITI). IEN was delighted to see that two of our projects were featured in this showcase video, namely the KKR2 Ministry of Works building (1:00) and Paramit - factory in the forest (3:55). We were also glad to see that the video emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly buildings that are "kinder to our planet" including an interview with World-famous Malaysian "Eco-Architect" Ar. Dr. Ken Yeang.

Video: A Showcase of Architecture in Malaysia (click)
KKR2 Ministry of Works (IEN project page, GDP project page)
Paramit - factory in the forest (IEN project page, Design Unit Architects project page)
15 June 2020

Cycling in Tropical Cities

IEN will be one of the speakers at the webinar "Cycling in the Tropics: Experiences from people and organisations in promoting cycling in tropical cities". The webinar will feature speakers from Indonesia and Malaysia and explores the experiences of cycling, the climate factor, lessons learnt and key success factors. Gregers (IEN), who is one of the very few bicycle commuters in Kuala Lumpur, will speak on the topic "A Cyclist’s Daily Log & Wish List". Registration for this free webinar (11 am, 15 June 2020) can be done at this link (click).

The webinar is organized by Green Technology Application for the Development of Low Carbon Cities (GTALCC) in collaboration with the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) and with support from United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and the Global Environmental Fund (GEF).

Download "A Cyclist’s Daily Log & Wish List" (synopsis & presentation)
Webinar link (click)
Webinar flyer (pdf)
4 April 2020

Biophilic Design @ KLAF2020

IEN has been invited to give a talk about biophilic design at the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival (KLAF2020) - and to specifically talk about our multi-award winning project "Paramit - factory in the forest" for which the architect was Design Unit Architects Sdn Bhd. This project is exemplary in many ways, one being its integrated design process with strong focus on energy efficiency and creating a good and healthy work environment. The project has been nominated for the prestigious Aga Khan Award and was also longlisted for the "Best New Building of the World" award (aka the 2018 RIBA International Prize). More importantly, 90% of the occupants prefer this new factory to the old one - and judging from their comments in the anonymous survey their satisfaction largely stems from the biophilic design of the factory and its strong contact with Nature.

Program & speakers, 4 April 2020 (click)
Technical information about Paramit - factory in the forest (click)
Design Unit Architects Sdn Bhd, architect of Paramit - factory in the Forest (click)
KLAF website (click)
16 December 2019

CM visits Paramit

The Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Chow Kon Yeow, visited our energy efficient, biophilic and award-winning project, "Paramit - factory in the forest", and was impressed with the building and the environmental design. No wonder, as the Paramit factory ticks many of the boxes related to green and sustainable design principles in the Penang 2030 plan. We aspire to design more environmentally friendly factories in the years to come. Build green!

Photos of Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow visiting Paramit (click)
Green factory design of Paramit (click)
Paramit (click)
6 December 2019

A&D Trophy Awards Winner

Our project "Paramit - factory in the forest" has won the A&D Trophy Awards 2019 (Hong Kong) in the Professional Architecture category for "Commercial, Retail and Office". The jury particularly highlighted the sustainable design aspects of the project writing that "environmental principles and sustainability were integral to the design process" and that the "climatically responsive building [is] energy and water efficient". The jury also highlights that the occupants of the building are provided with "daylight and biophilia – the need to connect with nature", as proven in our anonymous post-occupancy survey showing that 90% of the building occupants preferred the new factory to the old factory.

The Asia-Pacific award (previously known as The Perspective Awards) were created in 2004 to celebrate excellence in architecture, interior design and product design. The jury panel consists of expert local and international judges. In this case, the Professional Architecture jury comprise of Dara Huang (Design Haus Liberty, London & Hong Kong), Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati/Graph.x/Lissoni Architettura/Lissoni Inc, Milan), William Lim (CL3 Architects, Hong Kong), Heidar Sadeki (Richardson Sadeki, New York) and Song Zhaoqing (Lacime Architects, Shanghai).

IEN's Paramit project page (click)
The architect Design Unit's Paramit project page (click)
A&D Trophy Awards (web, 2019 winners list, 2019 supplement, screenshot of Paramit jury comments)
December 2019

Energy Labeling of Buildings

IEN is making the case for mandatory energy labeling of buildings in Malaysia in the article "Energy Efficiency is the Lowest Hanging Fruit". The title is a direct quote from the Malaysian Minister of Energy (YB Yeo Bee Yin, MESTECC). The article draws upon the experiences in the European Union where energy labeling of building has been mandatory for more than ten years already. The article also touches on the new Malaysian 5-star National Building Energy Label, which for now is mandatory for government buildings - a good start - hopefully to be expanded to buildings nationwide. The article appeared in the GreenRe BUILD bulletin, issue 2/2019.

Download the Energy Labeling of Buildings article (click)
GreenRe (click)
December 2019

MNS 80-year logo

IEN won the design competition for the 80th anniversary logo of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), which was established in 1940. This anniversary logo, which was unveiled on a big banner at the MNS headquarters earlier this month, will be used on all MNS material throughout year 2020. The logo was designed by IEN staff Gregers Reimann, Vivian Chew and Bjorn Bull Hansen. We not only happy to have won this design competition ahead of 35 entries, but also happy to strengthen our continues support of MNS and its pivotal role in preserving Malaysia's natural environment with a 3-year MNS membership for IEN Consultants.

Malaysian Nature Society website (click)
The logo designers, Gregers Reimann, Vivian Chew and Bjorn Bull Hansen, visiting MNS HQ (photos + high resolution photo of the logo)
20 November 2019

UPM Lecture & Anniversary

Gregers (IEN) was invited to give lectures to year 4 and year 5 architectural students at the Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), for the courses "ARC 5630 Sustainable Building Development Issues" and "ARC 5502 Energy and Architecture". The topic of Gregers' lectures were "Passive and Active Design, "Net Zero Energy Buildings" and "Energy Efficient Building case studies" drawing upon IEN Consultants' vast portfolio of completed green building projects. Moreover, Gregers also included a design workshop for which the students were split in to five groups to design an energy efficient office atrium.

Interestingly, this year marks the 20-year anniversary, when Gregers' first came to UPM, namely in August of 1999 as an 1-semester exchange student from the Technical University of Denmark. It was during this student exchange that Gregers first gained his interest in energy efficiency in tropical buildings and made the contact that would eventually bring him back to Malaysia in a job for IEN Consultants. Back in 1999, energy simulation of buildings was something new, which generated good amount of interest in Malaysia. To mark Gregers 20-year anniversary with UPM - first as a student and now as a guest lecturer - Gregers' student report "Energy Simulations for Buildings in Malaysia" will be made available for download. This report documents the origins of the Malaysian Test Reference Year (TRY) weather file, namely from Gregers' statistical treatment of 21 years of hourly weather data measured at Subang airport. The TRY weather file is still used in Malaysia for energy simulation today 20 years later.

UPM Faculty of Architecture (click)
Gregers' 20-year UPM anniversary (click) "Energy Simulation of Buildings in Malaysia", 1999 report by Gregers Reimann (click)
15 November 2019

Global Cooling Prize

IEN was among the 139 teams from 31 countries who submitted a detailed technical submission for the Global Cooling Prize, which sets out to commercialize affordable cooling solutions with potential for five-times less climate impact. While IEN unfortunately were not among the eight finalists, we were encouraged to learn that our submission was very similar to cooling concept proposed by three of the eight finalists.

The finalists include some of the world’s largest air conditioner (AC) manufacturers, including Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, Daikin Air Conditioning India Private Ltd., and Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. The finalists also included start-ups and corporations, including S&S Design Startup Solution Pvt. Ltd., Transaera Inc., M2 Thermal Solutions, Kraton Corporation; and Barocal Ltd, a new spin-out from a University of Cambridge lab. The eight teams selected pitched a wide range of technologies, including smart hybrid designs of vapor-compression designs, evaporative cooling designs, and solid-state cooling technologies that use little or no global warming refrigerants.

In the year ahead, the eight finalists will built their cooling system prototypes and have them tested under standardized conditions. In November 2020, the Global Cooling Prize winner will be announced and receive the USD1million prize money. Even more interesting will be to observe whether these energy efficient cooling solutions manage to become mainstream products. With the rapid increase in the demand for cooling globally, and with the climate crisis requiring urgent action, getting the cooling technology right for the future is paramount. The number of split air-conditioners (also called RAC) are projected to increase nearly 4-fold over the next 30 years, namely to 4.5 billion by 2050. These air-conditioners must be energy efficient and climate-friendly in our important fight to avoid ending up in an irreversible climate catastrophe!

IEN would like to thank Martin Zuckermaier (Germany) for a close, good and inspiring collaboration for this Global Cooling Prize submission.

Global Cooling Prize (click)
Map of 139 Technical Submissions (click) IEN brainstorming for Global Cooling Prize (photo)
October 2019

Ecopuncture book

Dr. Nirmal Kishnani's new book "Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia" for which IEN (Gregers) was a reviewer, has come out. The book shows how cities in Asia can - and must - undergo a transformation to sustainability by creating robust socio-ecological system. Such transformation is exemplified by 16 built case studies. The books draws the positive conclusion that what is good for the Planet also is beautiful and profitable in more ways than we had imagined.

IEN (Gregers) was a reviewer of the book, which is published by the BCI Media Group.

Purchase book here (click)
Photo, fun moment. Gregers and Nirmal exchanging books (click)
26 September 2019

Happiness at Work

IEN has been invited to give a talk on "Happiness at Work" in connection with the The International Week of Happiness (23-27 Sept 2019). The event is organized by Malaysia's first Chief Happiness Officer, Eliza Goh, who want to bring attention to the important issue of improving the psychological wellbeing of the workforce in Malaysia. The event will feature three Malaysian business leaders from IEN Consultant Sdn Bhd, Intrix Renewable Sdn Bhd and UST Global (Malaysia), who will share what steps they have taken to address and improve the happiness of their staff.

Free registration (click)
Program (click)
IEN presentation (click)
The Happiness Firm (click)
Group Photo (click)
23 September 2019

Sime Darby Sustainability Seminar

IEN has been invited to give joint talk with Ar. Dr. Kody Kato (ODE) on "Biophylia in Strata/Commercial Development" for a Sustainability Seminar by Sime Darby Properties. This internal seminar for Sime Darby staff only, will also include talks on the effect of insulating the roof and walls, as well as the WELL Standard focusing on the health and wellbeing of staff. Sime Darby Properties will also do a sharing on how they evaluate sustainability features in their development projects.

Program (click)
Presentation by IEN and ODE (click)
ODE website (click)
Event Photos (click)
"The Real Savings of Biophylic Master Planning" article by Dr. Kody Kato (click)
21 September 2019

Low-carbon Transport

As part of a lecture series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), IEN has been invited by the Malaysian Architect Association (PAM) to give a talk on "Low Carbon Transport: Reclaiming the Streets". The talk focuses on a rethink of the car-based transportation culture, which has prevailed in countries around the World including Malaysia. Low-carbon transportation alternatives are not only in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, but also improve quality of life, human interaction, safety, health and longevity. Gregers (IEN) will share his perspectives, drawing upon his 14 years of work experience in the built environment in Malaysia and being one of the very few bicycle commuters in Kuala Lumpur. Gregers hails from one of the bicycling capitals of the World, “kampung Copenhagen”, where 62% of the people commute by bicycle.

Program (click)
Registration (click)
IEN presentation (click)
Photos (click)
5-6 September 2019

Energy and Ecology (NUS)

IEN was - once again - invited to give lectures course "ISD5104 Energy and Ecology", which is part of the M.Sc. of Integrated Sustainable Design at the School of Design and Environment, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore (NUS). This year, IEN combined the lectures with conducting a study tour to visit energy efficient buildings in Kuala Lumpur. The lectures given by IEN were entitled "Net Zero Energy Buildings", "Case Studies: Energy Efficient Buildings" and "Passive and Active Building Design", and the buildings visited were "PAM Centre", "Menara KKR2 (or Menara Kerja Raya) and the "ST Diamond Building". Always a pleasure to show engaged students your work and hopefully inspire them :-)

The other lecturers for the course are Dr. Siu-Kit (Eddie) LAU (NUS) and Yong Sheng KHOO (SERIS)

PAM Centre info flyer by PAM (click)
Menara KKR2 (click)
ST Diamond building (click)
Study tour photos (click)
M.Sc. ISD program (click)
4 September 2019

ASEAN Energy Awards 2019

3 of IEN's projects have recently been recognized among their peers in the South East Asia as some of the best Sustainable Energy Efficient Building during the recent ASEAN Energy Awards in Bangkok, Thailand.

Awards won are:
1. IKEA Cheras - Winner (Green Building Awards: Large Building)
2. Paramit - Factory in the Forest - 1st Runners Up (Energy Efficient Building Awards: New and Existing Building)
3. KLIA2 - 1st Runners Up (Energy Efficient Building Awards: New and Existing Building)

The above buildings join a company of past winners such as the ST Diamond Building, GEO Building, and Menara Kerja Raya.

ASEAN Energy Awards (click)
Green Buildings Awards 2019 Winners (click)
Energy Efficient Building Awards 2019 Winners (click)
Photos (click)
1 August 2019

3 Awards @ NEA2019

IEN projects took home the most number of awards at the National Energy Awards 2019 (NEA2019), namely these three energy efficient and high-performing building projects:

  • IKEA Cheras (energy efficient and green building with a 1MWp solar PV roof)
  • KLIA2 (energy efficient and green certified airport terminal)
  • Paramit - factory in the forest

    The Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC), YB Yeo Bee Yin, officiated the event and stated in her speech that "energy efficiency is the lowest hanging fruit". As specialists in energy efficiency and high-performing buildings, this was music to our ears at IEN Consultants and we couldn't agree more.

  • Photos (3 awards, Energy Efficiency quote)
    Our award winning projects NEA homepage:
  • IKEA Cheras
  • KLIA2
  • Paramit - factory in the forest
    NEA homepage (click)
  • 18 July 2019

    Daylight Case Study

    The building simulation company IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) has used one of our office building projects, Mercu Mustapha Kamal (Menara MMK), as a case study to showcase the daylight simulation capabilities of the Radiance module within the IES software. For this project, we undertook extensive daylight simulation optimizations to create the first "Daylight Trough" (or daylight duct) for high rise office buildings. The "Daylight Trough" runs above the suspended ceiling and drops daylight 3.5 meters into the space. This way, the first 7 meters of the facade perimeter can be fully daylit, even though people fully close the blinds along the facade.

    IES daylight case study article (click)
    4 July 2019

    Greening Malaysia book

    The book "Greening Malaysia: Building towards sustainability", which celebrated the first 10 years of the Malaysian green building industry (2009-2019) was launched by the Minster of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, YB Yeo Bee Yin. She said that while she was impressed by the green building achievements incl. 500 GBI certified building projects over the last ten years, she is looking forward to ramping up the green building efforts in the coming 10 years.

    The "Greening Malaysia" book, which is published by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), features 15 case studies of completed green building projects, 8 articles relating to green buildings and green development and 2 round-table discussions on the future of green buildings. Moreover, the book contains a collection of infographics showing the positive environmental impact of the 500 building project already certified under GBI. For example, energy efficient buildings have caused a reduction in CO2 emissions corresponding to removing a quarter million cars from the road.

    As the pioneering green building consultants in Malaysia, IEN had a significant footprint in the book including these contributions: Writing one of the case studies (IKEA Cheras), writing one of the articles ("SHADE: Building Envelope Performance in the Tropics) and being interviewed for the Roundtable Discussion on the future of green buildings and sustainability. Moreover, IEN was involved in 5 of the 15 case studies featured in the book, namely the projects Menara Kerja Raya (KKR2), Energy Commission Building (ST Diamond building), IKEA Cheras, Suasana PjH, and the Green Energy Office (GEO building, now GreenTech Malaysia).

    Buy "Greening Malaysia" book (click)
    Book launch (event, article in The Edge, photos)
    1 July 2019

    Green Wave is Coming

    Something remarkable happened in the recent Danish general elections. The main issue of the election campaign was not the economy or job creation, but climate change. Fuelled by public demands for answers to the existential threat posed by climate change, the political parties that addressed the climate change issue head-on gained seats, while those parties who did not lost out. As such, this was termed the first “Climate Elections” in Denmark. This seems to be a part of a wider trend, a so-called “Green Wave”, that has sweep across much of Europe in the recent European Parliament elections in May where the green parties increased their representation by 33%. There are also signs that the green wave is a global phenomenon, which goes hand-in-hand with increasing awareness of the threat posed by climate change.

    Read more in Gregers (IEN) article in the July 2019 issue of the Greenplus magazine; cartoon credits go to Bjorn (IEN).

    "The Green Wave is Coming" article (pdf, LinkedIn)
    Greenplus Malaysia (click)
    27 June 2019

    Green Building Conference

    IEN has been invited to speak and moderate the inaugural Green Building Conference organized by REHDA and GreenRE under the theme "Building a Sustainable Future". The conference was opened by YBM Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Ibni Raja Ahmad Baharuddin Shah (Deputy Minister of Housing & Local Government, KPKT), who promised to accelerate the green building development in Malaysia by providing more incentives and policies. For the panel discussion, Gregers (IEN) invoked the sense of urgency for sustainable development by quoting Joseph Stiglitz (Chief Economist of the World Bank and winner of the "Nobel Prize in economics"), who recently stated that the climate crisis is our “third world war and needs a bold response because we cannot afford not to act, as our civilization is at stake”.

    Apart from green building case studies, this conference also has a focus on green financing. Towards the end of the conference, Gregers (IEN) gave a presentation entitled "High Performing Buildings, where Going Green was Not an Afterthought". Other speakers include keynote speaker, Jonas Bengtsson (CEO of EDGE Environment and president of CEO, EDGE Environment and president of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society, Dr Gary Theseira (MESTECC), Samantha Allen (International WELL Building Institute Asia, Hong Kong) and Michael Edward Long (Head of Sustainability Asia, Lendlease, Australia). The conference was held at One World Hotel, PJ, Malaysia, and also includes three green building visits one day before the conference.

    Conference program (website, pdf)
    IEN presentation (click)
    18 June 2019

    FuturArc Forum

    IEN has been invited to give a talk at the 1-day FuturArc Forum on the topic of "High-performance Tropical Buildings that Connect with Nature". Since 2008, the annual FuturArc Forum has fostered a conversation on Green architecture and development in Asia with participants that include industry experts, practitioners and companies who are driving the change to create a Greener future. This year, the Forum theme is "A New Era: Impact of Green Initiatives on the Architecture & Building Industry" and will cover a range of topics that are close to the pulse of recent developments, current issues and upcoming trajectories of things to come. Other speakers include Dr. Nirmal Kishnani, who is the editor in chief of the FuturArc magazine, Samantha Allen, who represents the WELL standard and IWBI Asia, and the keynote speaker Ar Ezumi Harzani Ismail, the immediate past president of PAM (Malaysian Institute of Architects). The event, which is organized by BCI Asia, is held at Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    FuturArc Forum website (click)
    Program (click)
    IEN presentation (click)
    Event photos (click)
    June 2019

    3 x WELL AP

    IEN is pleased to announce that we now have three staff with WELL AP qualifications, namely Sheena and Joshua (both at the Malaysia office) and Hansong (China office), who have all passed the WELL AP exam. The WELL Standard focuses on human well-being and health in the built environment incorporating the latest medical knowledge pertaining to how the built environment can positively affect human physiology as well as human psychology. IEN finds this multi-disciplinary collaboration between building designers and the medical profession very exciting and meaningful in our continued effort to create a healthy, conducive and stimulating built environment fit for human occupation, while also minimizing the environmental footprint.

    WELL Standard (click)
    Our article " Healthy Bottom Line with Healthy Buildings" (click)
    31 May 2019

    Light Levels & Human Response

    IEN had invited Dr. RatnaKala Sithravel to present her very interesting and published research on indoor light levels and its effect on the cognitive skills of humans. Interestingly, this research, which was conducted on people living in the tropics (Malaysia), reached opposite conclusions of research conducted on humans living in cooler temperate climates. Dr. RatnaKala Sithravel found that the light level in workplaces should be increased in the morning hours (9:30 - 11:30 am) to improve peoples' work performance up to 40%, namely increasing peoples' cognitive skills such as sustained attention and visual ability. The findings, which are statistically significant and published in the peer-reviewed journal Plos One, were short term exposure studies conducted on 45 persons at light levels of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 lux. For comparison, the Malaysian Standard (MS1525) recommends an office light level of 300-400 lux. IEN is in the process of writing a layman article of Dr. RatnaKala Sithravel's research findings and assisting to find additional funding for the next phase of her research.

    Download the paper "Morning boost on individuals’ psychophysiological wellbeing indicators with supportive, dynamic lighting in windowlessopen-plan workplace in Malaysia" (click)
    Photos from Dr. RatnaKala Sithravel's presentation at IEN (click)
    30 May 2019

    Recent Malaysian Architecture

    We were pleased to discover that 7 of IEN's building projects are featured in the new book "Recent Malaysian Architecture, vol. 2" published by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM). This is yet another testament to the fact that it is possible to combine good architecture with climate responsive green building design. Examples include our Diamond Building, where IEN were instrumental in giving shape to the building by studying the sunpath of Malaysia and recommending 25 degree outward tilting building shape to achieve the self-shading facades. And the award-winning "Paramit Factory in the Forest", where IEN worked closely with the architect to provide effective shading, including the impressive over-arching louver roof, as well as good daylighting throughout the building. The seven building projects, for which IEN was the green building consultant, are HELP University Subang 2, Paramit Factory in the Forest, Kompleks Kerja Raya 2 (KKR2), Suasana PjH, Shell Tower, Diamond Building and the Big Dutchman Agriculture HQ.

    The authors of the book with ISBN 978-967-5264-23-8 are Lee Chor War, Aw Siew Bee and Dr. Tan Loke Mun.

    Selected pages of the book featuring the IEN building projects (click)
    May 2019

    Founders' Memorial

    IEN and Future Frameworks were among the 193 submitting parties for the Founders' Memorial international design competition. Situated along the waterfront opposite the Gardens by the Bay and overlooking the Singapore skyline, the Founders' Memorial aspires to commemorate the values and ideals exemplified by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore’s first generation leaders and their nation-building efforts. Our sustainability approach to the project was to make the Founders' Memorial self-sufficient with energy and water, hence, aligning well with Singapore's long ongoing aspiration of achieving resource self-sufficiency with respect to water, energy and perhaps also food (in the future). It was a real pleasure working with Chua Yheu-Shen (Future Frameworks) for this design competition, and we look forward to collaborating on the next one.

    The winning design will be selected by February 2020 among the five shortlisted firms: 8DGE Design in collaboration with Ong Ching Ying, Cox Architecture in collaboration with Architects 61, DP Architects, Johnson Pilton Walker, and Kengo Kuma & Associates in collaboration with K2LD Architects.

    The seven-member jury consisted of Mr Lee Tzu Yang (Chairman of the Founders’ Memorial Committee), Mr Daniel Libeskind (Studio Libeskind), Mr Jun-ichi Inada (WIN Landscape Planning & Design International), Mr Tai Lee Siang (BuildSG), Dr Kiat W. Tan (Gardens by the Bay, Singapore), Ms Fun Siew Leng (URA, Singapore), Ms Chang Hwee Nee (National Heritage Board, Singapore).

    Founders' Memorial design competition website (click)
    Future Frameworks & IEN submission (click)
    24 April 2019

    Green Future Leadership Award

    IEN Consultants was bestowed the Green Future Leadership Award in connection with the 2019 Golden Globe Tigers Awards, which honors those companies who make a positive difference to the lives of others. The selection of the winners for the award are done by a 9 member jury consisting of Dr. Arun Arora, Dr. Harish Mehta, Nina E. Woodard, Dr. C. M. Dwivedi, Dr. Saugata Mitra, Dr. R L Bhatia, Dr. Sanjay Muthal and Edward Smith. The event was held at Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    Green Future Leadership Award certificate (click)
    Gregers Reimann accepting the award for IEN Consultants (click)
    16 April 2019

    EUMCCI recommendations

    The EU-Malaysian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (EUMCCI) launched its annual booklet on "Trade Issues & Recommendations". The booklet was launched and presented to YBhg Dato' Sri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary General (Trade) at the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) at the Trade & Investment Forum 2019, which aims to achieve high level dialogue between the Malaysian business community, the Malaysian policy makers and government representatives. Gregers (IEN), in his capacity as Chairman of the Green Building committee, were among the speakers.

    Forum program (click)
    Photos from event (click)
    EUMCCI website (click)
    Green Building committee (click)
    9 April 2019

    Asia Young Designer Awards

    IEN has been invited to give a talk at the Asia Young Designer Awards XChange 2019. This event, which promotes exchange of ideas within the design industry, nurtures young design talents in Asia with connection to 800 educational institutions at more than 15 geographical locations. Last year saw 1200 submissions. This year, the theme of the event is "Forward : A Sustainable Future" and IEN will share its thoughts on what a sustainable future really means and inspire the students to the embrace the important role of design.

    Other speakers include YBhg. Datin Wong Meng Lee (Nippon Paint), Mr Edward Chong (IJM Land), Ar. Alif Arif Iskandar Abdul Wahab (Veritas Architects), Ar. Wooi Lok Kuang (Wooi Architect) and Ar. Sarly Andre Sarkum (SA2 and chief judge of AYDA).

    The event was held in the naturally ventilated event space under the green roof of The Arc @ Bandar Rimbayu, a suitable venue for this event focused on sustainability.

    AYDA homepage (click)
    Award program (click)
    Presentation (click)
    Event photos (click)
    2 April 2019

    First Green Retail Fuel Stations

    IEN Consultants successfully worked with Shell Malaysia to achieve GBI certification of 2 of their existing Retail Fuel Stations in Malaysia. Shell Station Damansara Jaya and Shell Station Taman Connaught became the first retail fuel stations to be awarded green certification not only in Malaysia but also in Asia Pacific. With IEN Consultants experience and success with other first of kind buildings achieving ambitious green certifications, we were able to work with Shell to achieve the goal within 6months of being brought onboard. This achievement is inline with Shell's commitment to reduce carbon footprint of retail fuel business by 50% by year 2025.

    Shell Malaysia press release and highlight video (click)
    April 2019

    LEED BOM for Hospitals

    IEN has completed the first LEED BOM v4 gap analyses for Malaysian government hospitals. The final reports were submitted after hospital site visits, engagement sessions with the facility managers at each hospital as well as presentations and feedback from facility management. The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Malaysia is pursuing LEED BOM (formerly LEED EBOM) certification for all government hospitals of the next five years.

    LEED BOM for Sg. Buloh hospital (click)
    LEED BOM for HoSHAH (click)
    28 February 2019

    Energy Efficient Retrofit of Buildings

    IEN was invited to give a talk at the Seminar on Awareness Towards Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB) on the topic of "ZEB Renovation for Existing Buildings". Apart from presenting tropical case studies of energy efficient building retrofits (both commercial and residential buildings), the presentation also shows the impressive achievement in Denmark of achieving 50% energy savings for the entire building stock. This was achieved through a combination of economic retrofit incentives, environmental taxation and mandatory building energy labelling. It should be possible to achieve something similar in Malaysia - a development that will be accelerated insofar energy pricing follows the 'polluter pays' principle to create a level playing field between energy efficiency and energy supply. The seminar was organised by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and the Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (JASE-W).

    Program (click)
    Presentation (click)
    SEDA (click)
    JASE-W (click)
    19 February 2019

    Malaysian Urban Forum

    Gregers (IEN) was invited to give a talk about "Bicycle commuting in Kuala Lumpur" at the inaugural Malaysian Urban Forum (MUF2019) inside the session about Urban Mobility and Bicycle Culture. The keynote speaker for the conference was deputy primeminister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who delivered a good speech that quoted many of the same arguments from our article "Traffic jams cost us billions", namely that the annual cost of congestion in Kuala Lumpur annually amounts to RM20billion as 1 million hours are wasted in traffic daily. As well as the fact that the car-based culture adversely affects public health, with the majority of Malaysians not getting sufficient exercise and Malaysia having become the fattest nation in Asia will the multitude of associated adverse health effects that come with being overweight and/or obese. So, arguments for making more livable cities with good and safe pedestrian and bicycling networks that can make the general public exercise as part of their daily commute are plentiful.

    In addition, Gregers also lent his electric pedal assisted cargobike to be exhibited at the conference. It created much interest, as cargobikes are seen to be an important element in the future of urban transportation, as it in many instances can replace the need for a car or motorbike. For example, the Gregers' Omnium cargobike, which can carry a total load of 175 km, is widely used by bicycle couriers in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bicycles are pollution free, silent, reduce traffic congestion and improve public health.

    Conference program (day1, day2)
    Conference website (click)
    "Commuting by bicycle in Kuala Lumpur" presentation (download)
    "Traffic jams cost us billions" article (click)
    Electric cargobike with mayor Yang Di Pertua Noraini Roslan as "valuable cargo" (click)
    5 December 2018

    Architecture Guide to the 17 SDGs

    IEN has contributed to the publication "An Architecture Guide to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals", which was pre-launched at COP24 in the Nordic Pavillon in Katowice, Poland. The intention of the book is to provide an architecture guide to the Goals. The 17 chapters of the book present how each Goal is defined by the UN, outlines how it interacts with the built environment and gives examples of realized projects that illustrate architectural contributions. IEN's project "Paramit - factory in the forest" is featured in chapter 7 under the "Affordable and Clean Energy" goal, which must ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all including improvements in industrial efficiency.

    Speakers at the book's pre-launch are:
    Mrs Annette Blegvad, Deputy CEO, The Danish Association of Architects
    Mr Alf Karlsson, State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Housing and Digital Development
    Mr Ishtiaque Zahir Titas, FIAB, Hon.FAIA, Architect, Co- Director, UIA Commission for Sustainable Development Goals, Council Member, UIA, Region IV

    The book will be publicly launched in Denmark Tuesday, December 18th in BLOX, Copenhagen. ISBN: 978-87-7830-992-1

    Book, front page and IEN contribution only (pages 1, 3, 36, 37)
    Book, full version (click)
    Book, ISBN: 978-87-7830-992-1
    SDGs and architecture statement in the book (click)
    Call for action by Thomas Vonier, UIA president (click)
    22 November 2018

    Sustainable Design Awards

    IEN has been invited to attend the annual GreenRE Sustainable Design Awards, giving recognition to the greenest building projects in Malaysia. The event will be officiated by YB Yeo Bee Yinn, the Minister of Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment (MESTECC).

    GreenRE website (click)
    22 November 2018

    Europa Awards for Sustainability

    IEN (Gregers) in his capacity of being Head of the Green Building committee has been invited to attend the annual flagship event by the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI). Moreover, Gregers is nominated for the award "Best Sustainability Leader". The other award categories, which are consistent with the European Union’s sustainable development values, are "Best Sustainability Reporting", "Best Innovation in Sustainability", "Best Social Impact", "Best Environmental Impact", and "Best Sustainable Palm Oil Leader". The programme aims to identify, qualify and promote business excellence in Malaysia from companies that have demonstrated extraordinary performance in the field of sustainability to the long term benefit of Malaysian society and economy. The invited guest of honour is YAB Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Deputy Prime Minister.

    Awards homepage (click)
    21 November 2018

    MSc ISD Crit

    IEN has been invited to be on the Crit Panel for the Master of Science of Integrated Sustainable Design (MSc ISD) at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (NUS). The Crit Panel is lead by Dr. Nirmal Kishnani (NUS Architecture), with the other members being Hossein Rezai-Jorabi (Webstures), Chintan Raveshia (Arup) and Wong Mun Summ (WOHA).

    MSc ISD course (click)
    15 November 2018

    Smart Meter System

    IEN has been invited to speak on the topic "Enabling Smart Metering System for Consumption Optimisation and Demand Management" at the 8th Annual City Development Conference, 14th – 16th November in Kuala Lumpur. The talk will focus on
    • Incorporating components of intelligent remote data collection for smart metering
    • Using sensors to monitor and automatically regulate the consumption and wastage
    • Achieving behavioural change through metering

    Presentation slides (click)
    Conference program (pdf)
    15 November 2018

    GreenRE lecturer

    IEN has been invited back to give a 1 hour lecture for the GreenRE Manager’s Course 17th Intake in Petaling Jaya, Wisma Rehda. IEN will be giving the lecture on "Green Innovation Features" in the building sector. Last time, this lecture was very well received by the students, because IEN Consultants - being the pioneering green building consultant in Malaysia - has a vast portfolio of completed green, energy efficient and innovative building projects in Malaysia and the region. As such, the lecture showed the students that truly green and innovative building projects have already been successfully built, something several of the students said that they found highly inspirational. The lecture will include the topics of innovative energy efficient technologies, innovative daylight solutions, innovative thermal comfort, innovative sky cooling, innovative ways to influence green behaviour (the "nudging" effect), innovative natural ventilation and innovative building integrated renewable energy systems like BIPV (building integrate photovoltaics) and PVT (photovoltaic thermal).

    GreenRE Manager's Course (pdf)
    GreenRE homepage (click)
    30 October 2018

    Smart Buildings

    IEN has been invited to give a talk entitled "Smart Building: Buildings that learn". While sophisticated building management systems are becoming common place, most are not used to their full potential. Moreover, non-optimal control strategies often remain in place for years on end with adverse effects to energy efficiency and occupant comfort. With this presentation, we are asking the question: Wouldn't it be great, if buildings could learn? This way, the buildings can optimize themselves without depending on a building operator.

    Download presentation (click)
    Conference program (click)
    IK Academy (click)
    18 October 2018

    2nd FGD "Formulation of Urban Regeneration Policy"

    IEN has been invited to participate in a Focus Group Discussion titled "Formulation of Urban Regeneration Policy for Major Cities in Malaysia". The FGD, funded by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) under Institut Penilaian Negara (INSPEN), will cover topics such as Sustainable Developments in accordance to the New Urban Agenda (NUA), affordable housing, land laws and urban regulations and funding mechanisms for urban regeneration, among others. The 1 day programme will be administered by UTHM and will use Kuala Lumpur as a case study.

    FGD-2 Programme (click)
    Urban visions for Kuala Lumpur, LinkedIn Article summarizing key takeaways and future perspectives (click)
    12 October 2018

    “Green Economy” Paradigm Shift

    In the past week, two interesting and important events took place:

    1)The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) newly published report (SR15) on climate change came calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels and warning that we only have 12 years to avoid a climate catastrophe.

    2)The Nobel Prize in Economics was given to two environmental economists (William Nordhaus and Paul Romer)

    This raised the question: Is the World finally going to take climate change seriously? Will we finally see a paradigm shift with respect to our economic system and economic thinking that entice us to save the World - and thereby also ourselves?

    To help us shed light on these important and complex issues, and to lead the discussion on what policies we should propose for governments around the World, we invited guest speaker Steve McCoy, one of Malaysia's foremost environmental intellectuals. The talk was summarized into an article by Gregers (IEN), who also gave a summary of the latest IPCC climate change report.

    Read article (pdf, LinkedIn Article)
    IPCC SR15 report slides (click)
    15-17 August 2018

    Energy & Ecology (NUS)

    IEN will be one of the lecturers for the course module "Energy & Ecology" taught at the Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The course focuses on various forms of energy and their application at the building and city level. The lectures given by Gregers (IEN) are entitled:

    Lecture 1: "Passive vs. Active Systems/Design"
    Lecture 2: "Net Zero Energy Buildings"
    Lecture 3: "Case Studies: Energy Efficient Buildings"
    Lecture 4: "Building Sector’s Important Role in Achieving the Climate Change Reduction Goals"

    The other lectures are given by Dr. Siu-Kit (Eddie) Lau (Department of Architecture) and Veronika Shabunko (Solar Energy Research Institute Singapore, SERIS). The student assignment to be evaluated on the last day is on the topic "Integration building scale and urban scale".

    Department of Architecture, NUS (click)
    SERIS (click)
    13 August 2018

    Affordable Public Housing

    IEN worked with Hijjas Kasturi to come up with an interesting, innovative and zero-energy affordable public housing scheme, which is exhibited at the "MY.HSE - The Malaysian Future Housing Case Studies" exhibition at Damansara City Mall until 2 Sept. 2018; the exhibition is part of the KLAF2018 (Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2018).

    This ideas' exhibition showcases some of our new interesting concepts, such as sky cooling to provide free cooling at night and doubling up as solar collectors for hot water production in the day. Moreover, the multi-storey public housing block is assembled in a LEGO-like fashion, namely from prefabricated volumetric cubes assembled on site. By paying careful attention to providing cross-ventilation for each room, ensuring energy efficient appliances and controls as well as a real-time occupant feedback system on the monthly solar-energy provision for each apartment, the public housing development becomes ZERO-energy. In other words, the annual energy consumption of this highly energy efficient building matches that of the solar panels mounted on the roof. And with an energy bill of zero, this public housing development also achieve affordability during operation.

    MY.HSE exhibition invite (click)
    Photos from the exhibition (click)
    KLAF2018 website (click)
    2 August 2018

    ZAK World of Facades

    IEN has been invited to be a Panelist for the first Zak World of Facades conference in Kuala Lumpur. The panel discussion will be on the topic of "Sustainability and innovation through facades" exploring the need for sustainable façades and how the comply to local Green Building regulations, as well as thermal performance in curtain wall & fenestration (OTTV) and dynamic shading techniques. The panelists are Gregers Reimann (IEN Consultants), Alif Arif (Veritas Design Group), Eduardo McIntosh (Grimshaw), Sarly Adre Sarkum (SA2) and Chris Wong (C'Arch Architecture + Design), and will be moderated by Serina Hijjas (Hijjas Associates).

    This event is the World’s largest façade conference series, which is expected to draw more than 300 leading architects, developers, façade experts, main contractors, government officials, consultants etc. Interestingly, attendance is by invitation only.

    Conference program (click)
    ZAK World of Facades (click)
    Conference photos (click)
    August 2018

    1st GBI Gold IKEA

    IKEA Cheras has become the first IKEA Store in the World to achieve both Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia Gold final certification as well as LEED GOLD certification. For more detail about the project, please refer to our project page (click)

    IKEA Cheras project (click)
    5 July 2018


    IEN has been invited to moderate the Sustainability Design Forum at the Kuala Lumpur Architectural Festival 2018 (KLAF2018), which is the biggest architectural conference in Malaysia. Speakers at the session include Mathieu Meur (DP Facade), Paulus Mintarga (Timtiga), Tony Ip (Tony Ip Green Architects) and Tang Hsiao Seak & Steven Ngu (Garis Architects), who will be speaking on the latest in sustainable design and eco-centric research. The theme of the event is "Better Architecture, Better Cities!"

    KLAF 2018 (click)
    DATUM 2018 (click)
    DATUM:GREEN 2018 program (web, pdf)
    Photo from the event (click)
    5 July 2018

    Green Innovation Features

    IEN has been invited to give a 1 hour lecture on "Green Innovation Features" in the building sector for the 16th intake of the 3 days GreenRE Manager’s Course held at Wisma REHDA, Kelana Jaya. With IEN Consultants being the pioneering green building consultant in Malaysia since year 2000, we are in a good position to be speaking about innovative green building designs, which includes the topics of innovative energy efficient technologies, innovative daylight solutions, innovative thermal comfort, innovative sky cooling, innovative ways to influence green behaviour (the "nudging" effect), innovative natural ventilation and innovative solution to create connection outside for basement car park.

    GreenRE program (Web, pdf)
    19 June 2018

    WELL Training

    The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has recently launched V2 of the WELL building standard and will be providing a short 1½ hour workshop at the IEN Training Room for IEN staff as well as outsiders. The workshop will be carried out by the SEA IWBI Representative, Samantha Allen.

    IEN has already conducted one WELL training workshop with IWBI and look forward to learning about the updates to the 2nd version of the WELL Standard. The IEN training room has daylight, biophilia and beautiful artwork, so it lends itself very well to the design criteria found in the WELL Standard.

    WELL Standard website (click)
    Training room at IEN (click)
    June 2018

    Green Universities in Sri Lanka

    IEN has been awarded an Asian Development Bank funded project to green four university buildings in Sri Lanka. The task is to engage with the end-users and ensure that the Design & Build tender brief captures the end-users' needs for adequate facilities, as well as setting a good example for sustainable, green building features including, but not limited to energy efficiency, water-saving and recycling, and natural ventilation and lighting. The name of the four universities are Kelaniya, Sri Jayawardenapura, Rajarata and Sabaragamuwa. The four university extension projects are done in a consortium with Sarly Adre Sarkum Architecture Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and our collaboration partners in Sri Lanka (Glide Pte Ltd and Design Advocacy Ptd. Ltd.).

    ADB project no. 39293-035 (click)
    19 May 2018

    Active House trainer

    IEN (Hansong) will be one of the trainers at the upcoming Active House verifier seminar in Beijing on 19 May 2018. The lead instructor for the Active House verifier seminar is Mr. Guenther Gantioler from ActiveHouse Italia.

    Active House building certification (click)
    14-15 May 2018

    Green Technology Conference

    IEN (Chin Hong) has been invited to speak at the Green Technology Conference. The topic of the 1-hour long talk will be "Energy Efficiency Design of Commercial Buildings" and will be drawing on several of IEN's completed energy efficient and green buildings that serves as good case studies with both computer simulated performance data as well as measured performance data during operation.

    Conference program (click)
    IEN presentation (click)
    May 2018

    Winner of FuturArc Award 2018

    We are happy to announce that our project "Paramit - factory in the forest" is the winner of the FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2018 in the "Commercial Building" category. The jurors' note that the project is a "high-quality design and well-executed project. This project can give an impulse to future factory buildings in (Southeast) Asia, considering the needs of employees". Moreover, the factory project displays "strong command over detail, plus scientific control of glare and thermal heat gain" with a "biophilic design [that] helps to fulfil the physical, psychological and emotional needs of the users as well as helps to boost the workers’ productivity". The award ceremony is on 29 June 2018, Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    List of FGLA winners (web, pdf)
    Jurors' comments (web, pdf)
    BCI Award Night 2018 pictures (click)
    Paramit - factory in the forest (project page link)
    5 April 2018

    Europa Awards for Sustainability

    IEN was among the panelist in the event entitled "In Conversation with Sustainability Leaders". At the event, which was organized by EUMCCI, the 2017 Europa Awards for Sustainability were given out to Malaysian and European companies in the 5 sustainability award categories of Best Social Impact, Best Innovation, Best Environmental Impact, Best Sustainability Reporting and Best Sustainability Leader. It was also inspiring to listen to the keynote address by YBhg. Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini bin Ujang (Secretary General, KeTTHA) who listed the following sustainability goals for Malaysia by year 2050 under the TN50 program (National Transformation 2050):
    - Carbon neutral
    - Renewable energy more that 50%
    - Energy efficient
    - Top 20 city on sustainability

    Program (click)
    TN50 sustainability goals (click)
    Panelist photo (click)
    3 April 2018

    Active House certification

    The new iconic MOMA Building & Arts Museum is the first museum in the World to obtain an Active House label. This means that the building has been designed and evaluated in accordance with the Active House principles of creating buildings with good indoor, comfort, low use of energy and with a minimum impact on the environment. IEN Consultants did the Active House submission, which was verified by an independent assessor from Active House.

    This is one of the first buildings to obtain Active House certification in China.

    Active House homepage (click)
    MOMA newsletter with Active House project description, images and diploma (web link, pdf Chinese, pdf English)
    Active House April 2018 newsletter (web link, pdf)
    2-3 April 2018

    China Green Building Conference

    For the first time in 14 years, the biggest green building conference in China was held outside of Beijing, namely in Zhuhai. IEN attended the conference, officially called "The 14th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo" and took part in the Active House session, where MOMA Building & Arts Museum was awarded with the Active House label, for which IEN did the submission.

    It was interesting to note from the conference that several speakers voiced frustration with the current state of affairs with green building certification in China, because typically green certification has little if any impact on the design and performance of the buildings. Hence, the Chinese market seems ready to embrace performance based green building systems, like Active House, which aligns closely with how IEN Consultants approaches green building design and certification: Making a positive impact and adding value to the building.

    Active House members meeting (group photo link)
    April 2018

    Green Hospitals training

    IEN was contracted to undertake green building certification training for existing government hospitals across Malaysia. The location of the five training sessions, which focused on LEED v4 BOM (formerly LEED EBOM) certification, were Penang, Kuantan, Melaka, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. The training sessions were well attended by hospital facility managers, hospital staff and Ministry of Health representatives. IEN has extensive experience in LEED certification and other green building certification in Malaysia and the region, and could therefore draw on their experience and relevant case studies as part of the training.

    Group Photo Collage (group photo link)
    April 2018

    UCSI University

    IEN is lecturing at UCSI University for the M.Sc. Architecture course "Computer Aided Modelling and Simulation" (AM523), where the students are taught to undertake building performance simulations on their BIM building models and let it inform their design solutions. This allows the architects to optimize buildings during the design phase, so basic design parameters like building massing, building orientation, window-to-wall ratios, glazing selection, shading and roof insulation are investigated and optimized by the architects from the onset of the project. Apart from teaching computer aided modelling and simulation, IEN is also conveying lessons learned relevant case studies of completed energy efficient and green buildings in Malaysia, especially pertaining to design issues relating to architecture like daylighting and natural ventilation.

    24 March 2018

    Water Efficiency Calculator

    IEN has been invited to review the new Water Efficiency Calculator, which will be released by the Greenbuildingindex (GBI) later this year. The calculator is an effort to standardize the way the water related credits under GBI are calculated and submitted for green building certification. More details to follow once GBI has officially launched the tool.

    21-23 March 2018

    SETA 2018

    IEN has once again been invited to give a talk at the Sustainable Energy Technology Asia (SETA) conference in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the major annual conference of its kind in Thailand endorsed by the Thai Ministry of Energy. Though the conference mostly focuses on power supply and management, IEN Consultants contributed to smaller sub-section of the conference concerned with energy efficiency in buildings. Khim Bok (IEN) delivered a presentation on the interesting energy efficient case study of IKEA Cheras (Malaysia), which also has a significant renewable energy component with a 1 MWp solar PV installation on the roof top.

    Conference homepage (click)
    IEN presentation (pending)
    IKEA Cheras project page (click)
    2-3 March 2018


    IEN helped to arrange a study tour to Denmark for MOMA (当代置业), the leading green building developer in China. The focus of the study tour was on energy efficient and healthy buildings, as well as a visit to solar district heating plant. Both Hansong (IEN China) and Gregers (IEN Malaysia) accompanied MOMA on the 2-day study tour. Highlights included:
    - meeting with Lone Feifer, Active House secretary
    - signing collaboration agreement between MOMA and Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen (SHL)
    - signing collaboration agreement betwen MOMA and IEN Consultants
    - visits to The Black Diamond library (den sorte diamant), NyKredit office and Crystal office (krystallen); all buildings by SHL
    - visit to The Cube (former HQ of NCC in Tuborg Nord), first big commercial office to rely entirely on natural ventilation; by SHL and IEN Consultants
    - two residential home visits pertaining to the Active House principles and both retrofitted with Velux windows
    - solar district heating plant in Jægerspris explained by Prof. Fan (Technical University of Denmark)

    MOMA (also called ModernLand) is a public listed company in Hong Kong, and has focused on low-energy and high comfort buildings for nearly 15 years. The 7-member delegation from MOMA was headed by Mr. Chen Yin (Chief Technical Officer) and Mr. Han Feiyu (Design Director)

    Copenhagen study tour program + photos (click)
    MOMA homepage (click)
    MOMA QR code (click)
    March 2018

    1st LEED Gold IKEA

    IKEA Cheras Store located in Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur becomes the 1st IKEA Store in the world to achieve LEED 2009 for Retail – New Construction GOLD certification.

    The IKEA Cheras store opened its doors for business in November 2015 and was the 2nd IKEA Store to open in Malaysia, after IKEA Damansara.

    In March 2018, IEN Consultants successfully helped Ikano achieve LEED GOLD certification for its IKEA Store in Cheras. From early on in the design stage, Ikano had set a goal for this IKEA store to be more energy efficient, more water efficient and more sustainable compared to the existing stores in South East Asia. Hence, IEN Consultants was employed as the energy efficiency and sustainability design consultants to steer the project towards this goal.

    In achieving LEED Gold certification, this IKEA Store has among other sustainability related achievements, demonstrated the following:
    1. 24.5% energy cost reductions
    2. 13% energy used generated from roof mounted Solar PV
    3. Potable water reductions of approximately 45%
    4. Process water reductions of almost 65%
    5. Zero use of potable water for landscape irrigation – achieved through smart selection of plants and use of non-potable rainwater as well as recycled greywater.
    6. More than 20% recycled content in building materials (by value)
    7. More than 30% of the building materials sourced from within 500miles

    IKEA Cochrane project (click)
    IKEA Cheras Certificate (click)
    13 February 2018

    Asian School of Business

    IEN has been invited to give a talk about the built environment, as part of a GreenTech related career development event at the Asian School of Business (ASB). The other talks will be on transportation and electricity generation. The three panelists are:
    - Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang, Secretary-General, KeTTHA
    - Professor Charles H. Fine, President and Dean, Asia School of Business
    - Mr. Gregers Reimann, Managing Director, IEN Consultants

    Interestingly, this school has a very high quality MBA program, created in a partnership between long-time MIT Professor Charles Fine and Bank Negara Malaysia (the central bank of Malaysia).

    Event sign-up (click)
    GreenTech presentation (click)
    ASB MBA article (click)
    7 - 13 February 2018

    World Urban Forum

    IEN took part in many of the interesting talks/trainings/technical visits during the 9th World Urban Forum (WUF9), which was held in Kuala Lumpur and organized by UN Habitat. The theme of the conference was “Cities 2030, Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda”, which places the Forum’s focus on the New Urban Agenda as a tool and accelerator for achieving Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Download the concept paper " Cities 2030, Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda" (click)
    View the plenary talks (click)
    27 January 2018

    Reconnecting with Nature

    IEN has been invited to deliver a keynote address at the New Zealand Academy of Applied Research (NZAAR) international event series on Natural and Built Environment, Cities, Sustainability, and Advanced Engineering. The title of the keynote address is "Reconnecting with Nature", addressing how human beings are hard-wired to be in contact with nature, yet, we spend 90% of our lives indoors. This keynote address raises the question of whether our built environment is sufficiently biophilic, i.e. catering adequately to fulfill the basic human need of being in contact with the natural environment. The presentation includes several local examples of biophilic design solutions and their positive effect on human health and well-being. On the legislative side, some countries have for decades had mandatory requirements for biophilic design. Moreover, several of the green building certification schemes have recently begun to include biophilic design. In our increasingly urbanized World, there is a growing and conscious effort of “reconnecting with Nature”. An effort, where the built environment must play a paramount role.

    Poster (click)
    Presentation (click)
    January 2018

    Healthy Bottom Line

    IEN wrote an article entitled "Healthy Bottom Line with Healthy Buildings" published in the January 2018 issue of the Greenplus magazine. The article delivers compelling arguments - including a compelling economic argument - for improving the health and well-being of building occupants. This can be achieved by following the WELL standard, which is focused on human health by ensuring everything from nutritious food and exercise to daylight and clean air for the building occupants.

    Using our own IEN office as an economic case study, we found that 81% of our monthly expenditure goes to staff salaries, while other expenses (15%) and rental (4%) account for the rest of the expenses. From the employer’s perspective, under the assumption that by following the WELL Standard we would be able to cut in half the annual absenteeism and presenteeism, this would mean that by paying the same salary, a yield of an extra 33 work days is obtained from each employee, corresponding to a 15% increase in productivity. For a 1000m2 fully staffed office, this would mean an increase in productivity worth RM340,000 ($80,000) every year. Quite a significant saving, which proves that "health is wealth".

    Download article (click)
    15 December 2017

    Article on WELL certification

    IEN was invited to write an article about new building trends for the December 2017 issue of the Property Insight magazine. Sheena and Gregers chose to write about the new WELL certification for buildings, which slowly is starting to pick up in Asia. What we like about WELL is its strong focus on wellness and health for building occupants and how the built environment can play an important role in achieving this aim. Two years ago, IEN started its first WELL project and more will surely follow.

    The article is available online on page 36-37 (click)
    12 December 2017

    "Best New Building of the World"

    Our project "Paramit - factory in the forest" is among the 62 nominees for the "Best New Building of the World 2018" prize, namely the RIBA International Prize, which arguably is the most prestigious architectural prize in the World. Quoting from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) website, "the 2018 RIBA International Prize will be awarded to a building which exemplifies design excellence, architectural ambition and delivers meaningful social impact. [...] The prize is open to any qualified architect in the world, for a building of any size, type or budget and will be adjudicated by a stellar Grand Jury led by Elizabeth Diller, partner of acclaimed US firm, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and includes Joshua Bolchover, co-founder of Rural Urban Framework, and acclaimed choreographer Wayne McGregor CBE who will bring his passion and unique perspective on architecture to the Prize."

    We are overjoyed with being nominated for this world renowned prize. Being nominated is already a major achievement in itself.

    RIBA International Prize list of 62 nominees (click)
    RIBA International Prize jury (click)
    "Paramit - factory in the forest" project (click)
    December 2017


    IEN has accepted the invitation to join the technical panel for the Malaysian green building certification, GreenRe, with the intent of making green building certification in Malaysia better and more ambitious. As such, IEN also occasionally lends its expertise to the development of other green building certification tools like GBI, of which it was one of the founding members.

    Fun fact: Back in year 2011, when GBI was the only Malaysian green building certification tool, IEN advised against the formation of GreenRe and other green building tools on the grounds that too many different certification tools would confuse the market and could create an unhealthy competition between the certification tools of lowering the bar, i.e. make it easy to obtain certification, which means a green building would not be much different from an ordinary building. Instead, IEN advised to continuously improve upon one national green rating tool, which eventually would be administered by the Malaysian government, not unlike what happened with the UK green building certification scheme BREEAM.

    Fast forward to today (2017), Malaysia has close to ten different green building certification tools. While IEN has not changed its original stance, we are agreeable to contribute where we can to improve the ambition level of the green building certification standards in the country.

    2 November 2017

    New MBAM Center

    A innovative, daring and sustainable design scheme was submitted for the new headquarters of the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM). The design was the result of an integrated design process between IEN Consultants and HOYK Architect / Jeffrey Lee / Jonathon Kok / Wee Jia Foong. The sustainable design features included a self-shading facade with glare-free daylighting and movable solar panels on tracks for shading of facades exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, the building was designed to induce the wind tunnel effect at ground floor, hence, maximizing the thermal comfort by enhancing simple cross-ventilation. Other sustainable features for this GBI Platinum building included bio-filtration of water, rainwater harvesting, grey water harvesting as well as maximizing energy and water efficiency throughout the building.

    A total of 79 schemes were submitted for the design competition organized by the Malaysian Institute of Architects, or Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM). The winning scheme has yet to be announce.

    Design submission (click)
    31 October 2017

    WELL Workshop

    IEN was invited to collaborate with the International WELL Building Institute to conduct a 4-hour WELL workshop training session at Singapore offices of the Japanese company Shimizu. Of the seven concepts under the WELL Standard, which focuses exclusively on human health and well-being, Sheena (IEN) will be responsible for teaching the categories on Light, Air and Nourishment. The workshop is lead by Dr. Nelson Y. O. Tong (IWBI) and Tony Armstrong (IWBI Asia).

    WELL Standard (click)
    24 - 25 October 2017

    IEA Future Buildings

    IEN was invited by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore to take part in the 2-day IEA Future Buildings Forum Think Tank Workshop. The workshop, co-organized by the Energy in Buildings Community (EBC) programme under the International Energy Agency (IEA) as well as by the National University of Singapore (NUS) has the title "Transforming Cities in Hot and Humid Climates Towards More Efficient and Sustainable Energy Use".

    Download the workshop flyer (click)
    Download the workshop program (click)
    Download presentations & summary report (click)
    10 - 11 October 2017

    Redefining the Good Life

    Gregers (IEN) gave a talk about "happiness at work" and what company practices that IEN Consultants has in place in pursuit of this goal. The talk was very well received and generated a lot of interest with a repeated request for sharing the slides; refer to download link below. The talk was given at the Sustainable Brands conference (SBKL 17), which this year has the theme 'Redefining the Good Life', and Gregers took this chance to emphasize the important role of the employer.

    We spend a huge chunk of our lives at the workplace and often to some degree identify ourselves through our profession. Yet, working is one of the least liked activities, and often, the workplace culture does not exactly help the employees in achieving the Goodlife. At IEN Consultants, we take a different approach, as the well-being of the employees is paramount. The workplace must be an enjoyable place with a sense of purpose, personal development and social interaction. The presentation "Achieving the Good Life and the important role of the workplace" shares some of the IEN Consultants company culture practices that we believe brings about happiness at work.

    Download presentation (click)
    Download conference program (click)
    Conference website (click)
    30 September 2017


    IEN was invited to speak about "Eco-mobility: Towards Sustainable Lifestyles" at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in Perak. The seminar was organized by World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and had an interesting rostrum of speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, South-Africa, Denmark and the United States. Gregers (IEN) gave a presentation entitled "Reclaiming the Streets in Malaysia" and the many good reasons to do so including increasing the public health and the quality of life, as well as making the point that the most livable cities in the world has turned away from cars and instead increasing pedestrian and bicycling; examples include Copenhagen and Melbourne.

    Download presentation (click)
    Download program (click)
    Group photo (click)
    14 September 2017

    JKR Mechanical Seminar

    IEN was invited to give a talk at the annual Technical JKR seminar (Seminar Teknikal Kejuruteraan Mekanikal 2017) organized by the JKR Mechanical Depart. Gregers (IEN) gave a talk entitled "Innovative Solutions for Energy Efficient Buildings" and briefly mentioned that IEN were also the energy efficiency and green building consultants for the new JKR headquarters, Menara Kerja Raya (formerly KKR2 Tower), which is one of the few office buildings to obtain the highest green building certification, GBI Platinum final certification (CVA).

    Download presentation (click)
    Download program (click)
    Sustainable design of Menara Kerja Raya (click)
    September 2017

    LCA of Buildings

    IEN wrote the article "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Buildings" for the GreenPlus magazine (September 2017 issue). While LCA is still in its infancy in Malaysia, the article references how LCA in the building sector is clearly on the rise world wide, for example, with LCA being incorporated in the latest version of the American green building certification scheme (LEED). The article, which was co-authored with Alexander Graul, gives an introduction to LCA and the six most used parameters 1) Global warming potential, GWP 2) Depletion of stratosphere ozone layer, ODP 3) Acidification of land/water, AP 4) Eutrophication, EP 5) Formation of tropospheric ozone, POCP and 6) Depletion of nonrenewable energy resources, PENRT. The article, also gives examples of applying the LCA method to ongoing Malaysian building projects and shows that for high rise office buildings and for shopping malls it is the structural elements of the building that account for the bulk of the environmental impact. When comparing the environmental impact of an air-conditioned Malaysian high rise office on a 50-year life cycle, 1/3 of the global warming is attributed to the building materials insofar the building is energy efficient. And with use of alternative structural building materials like cross-laminated timber (CLT), the environmental impact of the building materials can be significantly reduced.

    Download article (click)
    25 July 2017

    Eco-Mobility Workshop

    IEN took part in a Eco-Mobility workshop for Kuala Lumpur organized by KLCSI (Kuala Lumpur Center for Sustainable Innovation). The intent of the workshop was to have relevant stakeholders discuss and improve on the contents of the Eco-Mobility Manual, which is to be published as a book later this year. The workshop emphasized on the health benefits of the more active life-style that comes from eco-mobility, especially from walking and bicycling cycling / pedal-assist bicycling, which is very much aligned with the belief earlier publications by IEN Consultants. The participants of the workshop were: Alissa Raj (IEN Consultants), Gregers Reimann (IEN Consultants), James Speirs (Think City), Duncan Cave (Think City), Dr. KC Lee (Raja Melewar Teacher Training Institute), Dr. David Tan (United Nations University), Yasmin Lane (O-Bike), Dr. Muhammed Zaly (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), K. Phubalan (WWF-Malaysia), Wan Adam (WWF-Malaysia), Helme Ashaari (Freelancer), Ian Goh (O-Bike), Samson Cheong (Student), Elena Mei Yun (Ride with Elena), Shobna Gunasegran (KLCSI), Michelle Rajoo (KLCSI), Dr. Shine Hsu (KLCSI) and Dr. Thomas Tang (KLCSI)

    - Group photo (click)
    - Cartoon on health-risk of inactive lifestyle. By IEN Consultants (click)
    - 1 million hours wasted per day in Kuala Lumpur traffic costing society RM54 million per day. Infographic by IEN Consultants (click)
    - Bumper sticker, car vs. bicycle, by IEN Consultants (click)
    - Workshop organiser KLCSI (click)
    21 July 2017

    Happiness at Work

    Eliza Goh conducted a very interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening “Happiness at Work” session at our company last week. The IEN management are of the opinion that happiness at work is very important, because we would like to have happy employees that find purpose, satisfaction and pride in their work. So, when we learned about Eliza’s “Happiness at Work” course, we welcomed it with open arms.

    Eliza captured the full attention of the IEN staffers by mixing up her slide presentation with dialog, interactive staff-to-staff sessions and videos. Most of her material is based on material from Denmark (the happiest nation in the World), but she also has some interesting local facts regarding happiness at work in Malaysia. And she had good practical recommendations of how to increase the happiness at the workplace, though, she seemed impressed by our existing happiness level :-)

    - "Happiness at Work" course (click)
    - Photos from the course (click)
    23 June 2017

    Rosenheim University

    A 3-year collaboration agreement was signed between Rosenheim University of Applied Science (RoUAS) and IEN Consultants. The collaboration will center on the following activities:

    1. Teaching
    Continuing collaboration on the joint 2-year Master Course on Green & Energy Efficient Buildings (MGEEB), for which IEN has been the lecturer since the onset of the course in 2011; link to the course (link).

    2. Joint projects
    Undertake joint projects within the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the built environment.

    3. Student internships
    IEN to host Rosenheim students for internships in Malaysia.

    4. Measuring equipment
    IEN to administer the measuring indoor thermal comfort measuring equipment and weather station purchased by Rosenheim University.

    The collaboration agreement was signed by the president of Rosenheim University, Prof. Heinrich Köster, and Gregers Reimann (IEN) on 23 June 2017 in Germany, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Kreimes and Simon Flatscher; see group photo (click).

    12-13 June 2017

    Retrofit Asia

    IEN has been invited to speak at the Retrofit Asia conference focusing on energy efficient retroffitting for existing buildings. The topic of IEN's talk is on retrofit success stories including our case study where we achieved 53% measured energy savings upon completion of the retrofit. This 2-day conference is held in Singapore.

    Download conference program click
    Download presentation (pending)
    19 April 2017

    Green Roof @ UM

    IEN has collaborated with Universiti Malaya (UM) to establish a green roof at the Alam Bina building on the UM campus. The research aspects of this green roof project, which includes 70 edible plant species, is to document the increase in social activity level as well as the improved thermal comfort of this roof space following the implementation of the green roof project.

    Unlike most green roof projects, which have significant exposure to direct sunlight, the UM green roof space was deliberately chosen due to its high degree of self-shading from the surrounding buildings making daytime utilization realistic. Moreover, this roof was also chosen for its ease of accessibility to the building occupants as well as its good visual connection to the building offices, hence, significantly improving the biophilic quality of these offices. The research over the next several months will quantify the impact of this green roof project through measurements and surveys.

    - Before-and-after photo click and click
    - List of plant species click
    - Green roof plan click
    - The project t-shirt design click
    - "Therapeutic Gardens in Malaysia" presentation by Dr. Hazreena Hussein, Universiti Malaya, presented at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences (2019) click
    9 March 2017

    SETA 2017

    IEN was invited to give the talk "Case Studies of Energy Efficiency Driving the Operations of Green Buildings" at the SETA 2017 conference (Sustainable Energy and Technology Asia 2017,, the biggest green building & renewable energy conference in Thailand. IEN shared the stage with fellow panelists:
    - Dato' Dr. Kenneth Yeang presenting "The Past, The Present & The Future - Perspective of a Ecologist & Green Building Architect"
    - Ar. Sarly Adre Sarkum presenting "Driving Green Buildings with Sustainable Architectural Design & Planning"
    - Dr. Pimonmart Wankanapon presenting "TREES & Energy Efficiency Research - Thailand's Perspective"

    Download the conference program click
    Download IEN's presentation slides click
    28 February 2017

    Greater KL & Smart City Summit 2017

    IEN were invited by ASLI to be part of the Greater KL & Smart Cities conference to conduct a short presentation and partake in the panel discussion under the Smart Utilities Management session. The topic shared by IEN was Buildings in Smart Cities, which focused on the impact and potential of sustainable certified buildings in a national context.

    Conference website: click
    Conference brochure: click
    Download conference programme: click
    Download presentation slides: click
    15 February 2017

    “Prediction of discomfort glare from windows under tropical skies” accepted for publication in the Journal of Building and Environment

    IEN has had the following manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Building and Environment, "Prediction of discomfort glare from windows under tropical skies"

    Journal: Building and Environment
    Special Issue: Advances in daylighting and visual comfort research.
    Publication Date: 15 February 2017

    Abstract: Discomfort glare is common problem in modern buildings that employ highly-glazed façades. Glare not only has negative impacts on occupant comfort but can also increase energy use in buildings. Yet a robust discomfort glare metric, particularly with regards to daylight, has proven elusive. The Unified Glare Probability (UGP), developed using 493 surveys under clear skies in Brisbane, Australia, shows promise as useful tool for estimating glare from windows. This investigation attempts to validate the UGP using a similarly large number of surveys under different sky conditions, different building types and demographics in the tropical climate of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The study uses a similar methodology to the initial investigation of the UGP, using a combination of luminance mapping with a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) questionnaire on discomfort glare. A total of 341 surveys were collected from six buildings; three green-rated and three regular office buildings. Hypothesis testing of the luminance data collected in these buildings indicate that the ratio of window to background luminances are a more sensitive measure of occupant discomfort than ratios of window to task luminances.

    The results for the UGP show agreement in predicting discomfort from windows between both data sets using regression analysis. A simple hypothesis test showed discomfort was accurately predicted by the old UGP model for 69% of new surveys. The agreement between the two data sets for window glare enabled them to be combined into one massive data set of 813 surveys to update the UGP. The updated metric uses a logistic curve in place of the original linear transformation of the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) to prevent illogical values of probability being obtained from the metric.

    Note to users: To cite this article: Hirning, M., Isoardi, G., Garcia-Hansen, V. (2017) Prediction of discomfort glare from windows under tropical skies. Building and Environment 113:107 – 120, Special Issue: Advances in daylighting and visual comfort research.

    Free link (Available to 23 February 2017): click

    Link to manuscript, DOI: click
    17-18 January 2017

    Green Buildings & Parks conference

    IEN has been invited to give three talks including a keynote speech at this conference. We are honored that the conference organizers have decided to adopt a variation of the IEN mantra ("Expensive not to go green") as the theme of the conference, namely re-worded as "Green Not Expensive - Expensive Not Green". The title of the three talks by IEN consultants are:

    1) "Green Not Expensive - Expensive Not Green" by Gregers Reimann (download slides)
    2) "Top 10 Inexpensive Green Building Ideas & Applications" by Sheena Moses (download slides)
    3) "Improving Energy Efficiency through Inexpensive Building Envelope Retrofits" by Joshua Chia (download slides)

    Download conference program click
    13-14 January 2017

    Net Zero Energy

    IEN has been invited to give two talks at the "Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Carbon Building Design" seminar. The title of the two talks by IEN are "Renewable Energy – and the case for Zero Carbon" and "Zero Energy / Carbon and Innovative Tropical Building Case Studies".

    The flyer for the event is available here click
    The seminar website is click

    Synopsis: “Zero Energy / Carbon and Innovative Tropical Building Case Studies” click

    Synopsis: “Renewable Energy – and the case for Zero Carbon” click
    20 - 23 December 2016

    Zero Energy Mass Customised Housing

    IEN has agreed to sponsor and speak (tbc) at the 5th International Zero Energy Mass Customised Housing 2016 (ZEMCH 2016) conference. University of Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) has teamed up with University of Brighton, University of Southampton, University of Melbourne and two more to organise and host this conference. The Master of Green Energy Efficient Building (MGEEB) students, which IEN has helped to lecture and supervise, will be among the many presenters.
    Conference website: (click)
    Download the program: (click)
    23 November 2016

    Daylight for Tropical Offices

    A comprehensive write-up with several case studies of how daylight can be implemented in office buildings in the tropics. The article shows how daylight systems can be designed to provide the building occupants with a pleasant environment lit by diffuse natural light, which is very different from the typical facades where occupants suffer from glare and overheating. Another important issue addressed by the article is daylight responsive general lighting controls and the benefits of task lighting. Several of the case studies, such as the GEO building, ST Diamond building and the KKR2 building, are reference projects of IEN Consultants. Enjoy the read!
    Article: (click)
    8 November 2016

    "Power to Change" movie

    IEN is helping MESYM to do a free screening of the documentary, Power to Change, is about the ongoing energy revolution in Germany. It's a film about a great vision — and the people turning it into reality: the rebels of our day. The future of world energy lies in decentralised, clean supplies stemming 100% from renewable sources. That is the message of the documentary Power to Change — The energy rebellion. 

    After the screening we will have a Skype call with the movie director Carl A. Fechner
    Venue and timing: (click)
    Movie: (click)
    8 November 2016

    Case for Building Simulation

    IEN was invited to give a talk about building computer simulation and how simulation can benefit the building design process by informed decision-making. The presentation makes a compelling case for using building simulation, both to optimise the building performance (energy, daylight, rainwater harvesting etc) and also to minimise over-design (for example, over-sizing of the cooling system). As such, building simulation helps to decrease both the CAPEX and OPEX of building projects.  
    Download the presentation: (click)
    Download the program: (click)
    18 - 19 October 2016

    Smart Cities Asia

    IEN (Alissa Raj) has been invited to speak at the Smart Cities Conference. The title of here talk is "Low Carbon Cities Malaysia Programme", which includes a collaborative project lead by Carbon Trust. 

    Program (click)
    Download the presentation (click)
    29 September 2016

    Penang Smart Cities Forum

    IEN (Alissa Raj) has been invited to speak at the Smart Cities Forum in Penang, where she will be sharing our experiences working with energy efficient buildings and low carbon urban planning primarily in Kuala Lumpur. The title of her talk is "The Case of Low Carbon Cities".

    Program (click)
    19 September 2016

    Air Quality (PM2.5) readings for KL

    IEN has purchase two air quality readers that are place indoors and outdoors. Both real-time readings are made available to everybody, so we all can know the current severity of haze in Kuala Lumpur. Just install the free Breathing Space app on your smart phone and scan the QR codes. The air quality device reads PM2.5, PM10 and calculates the air quality index (AQI). See attached presentation for more details.

    Presentation (click)

    Get the Kuala Lumpur readings (click)
    September 2016

    Anthropogenic Mass Extinction

    IEN wrote this article about how human activity has a profound effect on the World we live in for GreenPlus Magazine. The points raised in the article are also referenced in the IEN brochure, namely, in the 'Message from the CEO':

    Human influence on Earth and its eco-systems is now so profound that scientists tell us we have entered a new geological age called the Anthropocene, where humanity's impacts will be visible millions of years into the future. This is astounding - and hardly sustainable!

    To lessen the human (anthropogenic) environmental impact and our all important effort to avoid irreversible catastrophic climate change, the built environment plays a key role. Not only does forty percent of the World's resource consumption relate to the built environment, but this is also the sector with the biggest and cheapest greenhouse gas emission reduction potential. Moreover, people spend about ninety percent of their time indoors, so let us make our time spent on this Earth worthwhile by designing buildings and cities that cater better to human needs as well as being environmentally friendly.

    There's a common misconception that it is expensive to build energy efficient, green and healthy buildings. The truth is quite the opposite, as proven by our company's vast track-record. And the case becomes even more compelling when factoring in human health and long term effects of climate change.

    The choice is clear: Build green!

    Gregers Reimann

    Download article (pdf link)
    Download high resolution picture of Figure 2. Five Mass Extinctions in the Earth’s History click
    Download high resolution picture of Figure 4. The meteor equivalent: Humans! click

    GreenPlus homepage (click)
    18 August 2016

    IEN Consultants is now registered as a green technology service provider under MyHijau

    IEN Consultants is now registered as a green technology service provider under MyHijau (which is managed by GreenTech Malaysia)

    MyHIJAU is Malaysia’s official green recognition scheme endorsed by the government of Malaysia, bringing together certified products and services that meet local and international environmental standards under one single mark.
    Link to MyHIJAU webpage please click here
    26 June 2016

    MENARA KERJA RAYA (formerly known as KKR2) awarded GBI Platinum Final certificate

    Completed in 2015, this 37-Storey high rise government owned and occupied Menara Kerja Raya recently became only the 2nd new building, in the non-residential category to be awarded the prestigious Green Building Index (GBI) Platinum final certification. The other building being Energy Commission’s Diamond Building in Putrajaya.

    Standing at approximately 175meters tall, this tower houses a total of 1,600 staff from the Ministry of Works as well as Public Works Department (Jabatan Kerja Raya) Malaysia over 53,000 square meters of building floor area. The offices of the Minister of Works as well as the Director General and Deputy Director General of the Public Works Department have also been moved to this tower.

    Achieving GBI Platinum final certification is no simple feat for any building. The building incorporates many features to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort, reduce impact of material usage as well as make use of less treated potable water.

    Although the tower design incorporates floor to ceiling glazed facades which are exposed to the East & West orientations, it manages to reduce solar heat gain by employing triple pane insulated low-E glazing. Coupled with efficient lighting design with a low 8W/m2 lighting power density and automated control which effectively turns of 40% of the office lights during daytime, as well as air conditioning system that is able to reduce fan power down by more than 50% on reduced load days, the building achieves a very respectable BEI (Building Energy Intensity) of about 90kWH/m2year, which is about 60% lower than buildings that are design to merely meet MS 1525 guidelines. This saves the Government approximately RM2.5mil per year in electricity charges at the current energy rates.

    Overall daylighting strategy played a huge role in creating a unique and much comfortable indoor environment in this building. Custom perforated venetian blinds, low height workstation and glass partitions for private offices and discussion rooms all work together to create an open well daylit office space that is so much more inviting and conducive to the occupants. With these strategies, we have verified that usable daylight levels are achieved up to 6meters from the facade, which allows the automatic shut off of lights over these areas.

    This tower is also one of the first building to incorporate a waste water treatment system that is able to treat the greywater from wash basins, floor traps and ablution to be reused within the building for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. A 400 cubic meter underground rainwater harvesting tank captures plenty of rainwater to be used for similar purposes in the building when there is rainfall. These strategies and the use of low flow fixtures at toilets and ablution, as well as significantly lower cooling load resulting in lower cooling tower water usage has managed to reduce water consumption per square meter floor area by 70% compared to another neighbouring JKR office tower.

    Menara Kerja Raya was officially launched on the 7th of December 2016 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Launch was covered by The Star ( click to read the article) and in the New Straits Times.
    To read more about the project please click here

    To view the GBI Platinum Final certificate please click here

    Article in The Star, click here
    26 June 2016

    New Zealand Academy of Applied Research (NZAAR)

    IEN has been invited to give the keynote speech at the NZAAR international even series on "Natural and Built Environment, Cities, Sustainability, and Advanced Engineering". The title of the keynote speech is "Reclaiming our streets". The talk takes basis in the fact that a common denominator in the "Most Livable Cities" competition is that the winning cities deliberately have improved the cityscape for pedestrians and cyclists and deliberately have reduced car-based transport. Is such a development feasible in tropical Asian cities that are both rapidly expanding and have a hot and humid climate? The answer is yes, but it will not be easy. The talk explores some of the barriers to reclaiming the streets, which includes human/cultural barriers. The talk also points to some of the technical/planning solutions that make reclaiming the streets possible and when gives added benefits, not just in terms of making the city more livable, but also with respect to the socio-economic upside, particularly with respect to improving public health.
    Official website:

    Download the program (click)
    Download flyer for the event (click)

    Download the presentation (click)
    2-3 June 2016

    Lighting Best Practices for Zero Net Energy Policy

    IEN was invited to give two presentations at this roundtable conference with lighting experts from throughout Asia as well as from Australia and the US. The presentations by IEN were entitled "Application of Innovative Daylighting in High-Rise Buildings (Malaysia)" and "A Novel Glare Assessment Tool for Daylighting in the Tropics (Malaysia)". The latter was a preview of the first tropical daylight glare prediction model.

    The conference was funded by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooporation (APEC) and was hosted by the Prof. Dr. Chanyaporn Chuntamara and Dr. Acharawan Chutarat from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). The other co-hosts of this program are Tongji University and University of California at Davis.
    Download the program (click)
    Program website (click)

    Download the presentation 1 (click)
    Download the presentation 2 (pending)
    1 June 2016

    ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week

    IEN was invited to give a talk entitled "Innovative Energy Concepts for Buildings in Tropical Climates" at the International Conference on Renewable Energy Asia 2016. The theme of the conference was Energy Transition for ASEAN Future and the topic of energy efficiency and/or energy storage in buildings had been included as an important element of this energy transition under the separate track entitled "Integrated Design of Architecture and Engineering".
    Download the program (click)

    Download the presentation (click)
    24 May 2016

    Greywater & Rainwater for KKR2 building

    IEN is invited to give a talk about the greywater and rainwater system installed at the KKR2 office building, which is targeting to score all the GBI water efficiency credits as well as targeting to achieve GBI Platinum. The IEM Mechanical & Electrical Forum talk is given at the Institute of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and includes measured data and lessons learned. Interestingly, the measured potable water consumption of the KKR2 (Block G building) is 63% lower than for the neighbouring Block F building.
    Download the program (click)

    Download the presentation (click)
    27 April 2016

    Chi phí đắt đỏ không có nghĩa là tiết kiệm năng lượng

    IEN Consultants was invited to speak at the "Green Affordable Housing" conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. The talk was entitled "Expensive not to be energy efficient" (Chi phí đắt đỏ không có nghĩa là tiết kiệm năng lượng) and focused on the successful energy efficient building policies of Denmark, which include mandatory energy labeling of buildings and a building energy code that requires near zero-energy buildings by 2020. The presentation also showed successful energy efficient building projects by IEN Consultants in South-East Asia, where the additional cost for energy efficient and green buildings is about 3% of the construction cost and the payback time only about 3 years.

    Five Vietnamese television stations, Hanoi TV, VITV, TV Info, Invest Cable TV and Truyen picture, covered the talk by IEN and the conference itself.
    Download presentation in Vietnamese (click)

    Download presentation in English (click)

    Watch TV coverage (click) start at 5:13

    Interview with Gregers (IEN) on Hanoi TV, start from 11:10 (click)
    31 March 2016

    Active House in China

    IEN was invited to speak at the Active House forum at the biggest green building conference in China. Active house is a green building certification scheme from Denmark that focuses on making buildings healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

    IEN looks forward to certifying buildings according to the Active House standard in China and beyond. Read more about Active House here:

    The igebc12 conference (the Twelfth International Conference on Green and Energy-efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo) was held in Beijing, China.
    Photos from the forum (click)

    Presentation by IEN Consultants (download)
    7 March 2016

    4th International Building Control Conference IBCC

    IEN has been invited to present two papers:
    "Practicality and Performance of Daylight Trough in the Tropics"
    A case study paper on the daylight performance of the pioneering daylight trough that was fitted in MK Block D. The daylight trough is capable of daylit the office space as deep as 6 meters sufficiently at its peak. With an impressive lighting power density of 1.90W/m2, the daylight trough design saves 39.2% of lighting energy over conventional lighting system. This paper further elaborates the practicality of working with such a system, including cost implication, design challenges and contractual difficulties. 

    "Office Occupants' Mood and Preference of Task Ambient Lighting in the Tropics"
    The paper reaffirms previous findings that the usage of task light has increased subjects' lighting satisfaction with paper work and overall mood significantly. Despite only 30% of recorded illuminance within MS1525 range, the increased in lighting controllability complements the wide range of illuminance preference among the subjets. A significant finding is also that lighting satisfaction is not correlated to illuminance level but correlated to the variation of illuminance level throughout the day, which shows the combination of task light and ambient daylight to be the most appropriate lighting system for the office space in the Tropics.
    The paper "Practicality and Performance of Daylight Trough in the Tropics" is available here (click)

    The paper "Office Occupants' Mood and Preference of Task Ambient Lighting in the Tropics" is available here (click)
    4 March 2016

    CIE 2016 "Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency"

    IEN has been invited to present the paper:
    Discomfort Glare in Energy Efficient Buildings: A Case Study in the Malaysian Context

    Discomfort glare is a well known problem within the built environment. However very little research has been conducted on discomfort glare in purely tropical environments. This preliminary investigation focussed on the ST Diamond Building located in Putrajaya, Malaysia. In total, 68 surveys were collected during the investigation. The surveys consisted of a questionnaire as well as luminance mapping of the occupant’s visual environment.

    Luminance maps were analysed via Evalglare to calculate the Daylight Glare Probability(DGP) and Unified Glare Probability (UGP). It was discovered that occupants were more tolerant to potential glare than expected, most likely due to the high luminance uniformity from innovative daylighting strategies employed in the building. Occupant position in relation to the window had a significant effect on both glare indices tested. The UGP was much better at predicting glare for occupants further away from the façade.

    Type 2 (or false-negative) analysis was conducted on both glare indices. A false-negative result occurs when the survey response was “uncomfortable” but the index being tested predicted “comfortable”. The method showed promising results for UGP in the case of the ST Diamond Building, with an index threshold of 0.35 required to achieve 95% accuracy in predicted comfort. The DGP required an index threshold of 0.07, which may be impractical to implement in lighting design.
    The paper is available here (click)

    4-5 March 2016

    International Urban Sustainability and Green Building Conference

    IEN has been invited to give three talks:

    1) Biophilic and Daylit Building Design Solutions (Click to download the presentation)
    2) The Fattest Nation in Asia - and how the Built Environment can help (Click to download the presentation)
    3) Increased Well-Being for Building Occupants with WELL Standard (Click to download the presentation)

    The conference theme is "Better Places for People", making human well-being the center point of our urban development. The conference is jointly organised by MGBC (Malaysian Green Building Confederation) and WGBC (World Green Building Council).
    The conference program can be downloaded here (click)

    7 December 2015

    "Costly Congestions" - The hidden cost of traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur
    IEN worte about the hidden cost of traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur and how 1 million hours is wasted in KL traffic every day. The article was printed in The Star newspaper.
    The article is available here (click)

    7 November 2015

    IEN has the pleasure of taking part in the 1st Earthship building being built in Malaysia
    IEN has the pleasure of taking part in the 1st Earthship building being built in Malaysia. We took part in a design brainstorming session, as well as in the volunteering for the construction of the Earthship, which consists of two residential dome-shaped homes and one community hall for up to 50 people; both of which is built for the Orang Asli near Kampung Chennah (about 2 hours drive into the jungle east of Kuala Lumpur). The project should be completed before the end of 2015.

    The Earthship concept is very appealing with respect to sustainability. An Earthship - like a spaceship - seeks to be fully self-sufficient with energy, water and food. Moreover, Earthships are often built by recycled materials like use car tyres, used glass bottles, used rice-sacks filled with soil etc. In other ways, Earthships really push the sustainable agenda. Read more about the Earthship concept here (link).

    The project is lead by Ruben ("Build for tomorrow") and in collaboration with Arkitrek. If you want to volunteer or just want to follow the progress of the Earthship go here:

    See some photos from our volunteering building the Earthship, please click here

    For pictures from the completed earthship, visited on the 7th January 2017, please click here
    8 October 2015

    IEN invited by ACAT (Air-conditioning Association of Thailand) to deliver keynote presentation
    IEN was invited by ACAT (Air-conditioning Association of Thailand) to deliver the keynote presentation on "Case Studies for Radiant Cooling in Hot & Humid Climate".
    Download the presentation here (click)

    5 October 2015

    "Hidden Costs of Fossil Fuels" - The staggering hidden costs of fossil fuels
    IEN wrote about the staggering hidden costs of fossil fuels that primarily stems from adverse health effects to humans. The article was printed in The Star newspaper.
    The article is available here (click)

    25 September 2015

    IEN speaking at the Annual Conference of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC)
    IEN has been invited to speak in Malina, Philippines, at the Annual Conference of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC), which this year marks the celebration of the World Green Building Week, by the World Green Building Council. The title of the presentation will be "Expensive not to go green". The venue of this 1-day event is the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Manila.
    Download the Conference Program. click here
    Download Presentation slides. click here

    3 September 2015

    IEN speaking at Building Expo Asia 2015 (BEX) in Singapore
    Gregers (IEN) is giving a talk entitled "The dawn of energy efficient architecture dominating the skylines of SEA" with the main talking points being 1) The economic argument for energy efficiency, 2) Energy efficient solutions for new & retrofitted buildings, 3) Innovative daylighting solutions for new & retrofitted buildings, and 4) Engaging the users to achieve energy efficiency
    Download the Seminar Program (click here)
    Presentation slides. click here
    27 August 2015

    IEN speaking at GBI Professional Series
    Gregers (IEN) is giving a 1-hour talk on "Daylighting Strategies and Case Studies". Having pioneered some of the most successful and innovative daylight designs for office buildings in Malaysia and with plenty of measurements during operation, this talk will be quite interesting and inspiring with respect to tapping into the often overlooked and plentiful daylight resources in the tropics
    Download the Seminar Program click here
    Presentation Slides click here

    21 August 2015

    IEN attending "Industry Speaks" on the discussion "Does Cheap Oil Weaken the Case for Energy Efficiency?"
    Download IEN Consultant's input to the event "Does Cheap Oil Weaken the Case for Energy Efficiency?" The answer is a resounding "No", because fossil fuels are significantly underpriced in Malaysia as their true cost to society (pollution and adverse health effects) are not captured. In fact, even if oil was free of charge, one would still have to pay a higher price at the petrol station that one does today from the negative costs to society.
    Download IEN's input to the event click here
    Join us for the event on 21 August, you can sign up free of charge click here

    4 August 2015

    IEN speaking at Green Buildings & Parks World Conference
    Regina (IEN) is giving a talk on "Reducing Mains Water Use Through Rainwater Harvesting" with good examples from actual projects. She is also highlighting the relatively high non-revenue water level in Malaysia, which should be tackled co-currently with pushing for water efficiency and rainwater harvesting.
    Download the Seminar Program click here
    Presentation Slides (To be uploaded later)

    23 July 2015

    Two additional Foldable Bikes for the IEN Office Now!
    IEN has recently purchased 2 foldable bikes (Tern model) for its staff usage. This is addition to the current fleet of 2 foldable electric bikes (Yike Bikes) that IEN has purchased 3 years ago. Link to the Yike Bike article in The Star: click here
    3 July 2015

    IEN Office featured in FuturArc
    IEN Office in Malaysia has been featured as part of the Malaysia's Green Office spaces in the latest FuturArc July-Aug 2015 issue. The 43rd volume talks about the biophilic space in the workplace.
    Please visit the preview pages of FuturArc volume 43 click here or purchase one at your nearest book store

    26 June 2015

    IEN speaking at UCSI University
    IEN has been invited to speak to architecture students of UCSI in regards to sustainable and passive design in architecture. This knowledge sharing session will explore into the fundamental topics such as regenerative design, going green holistically and low carbon design strategy.
    Download IEN's presentation slides. click here
    24-25 March 2015

    IEN speaking at ICGEB in China
    IEN has been invited to speak at the biggest green building conference in China with 50.000 participants(!), namely "The 11th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo" (ICGEB). Our presentation and the conference program are available for download.
    Download IEN's presentation slides
    click here

    See the conference program
    click here

    21 January 2015

    IKEA Cheras obtains GBI Gold provisional certificate
    IKEA CHERAS becomes the first retail type building in Malaysia to achieve GBI Retail Gold (Provisional) Rating. IEN Consultants, who are the appointed energy efficiency, GBI and LEED consultant for this development will now be focusing on the implementation process of the targeted credits and fine tuning of the building operation towards realizing the final GBI Retail Gold certification.
    January 2015

    Ken Yeang interview on BFM radio
    IEN was invited onto BFM 89.9 radio to have a conversation with world-famous eco-architect Ken Yeang (T. R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn. Bhd.) about the "Global Future of an Environmentally Sustainable Urban Environment". The interview will be broadcast in Jan 2015 on the Talking Heads show. The interview is part of program series "Green City Living".
    Listen to the 23 minutes interview
    click here

    See the 4 minutes TV interview
    click here

    1-3 December 2014

    Green Building conference in Kuching
    IEN has been invited to give a keynote address at the Green Buildings & Parks World 2014 conference in Kuching. We are also giving the technical tour of the Sarawak Energy Berhad HQ building, which is one of our projects as well as the first green certified building in Sarawak (GBI Silver).
    Conference program click here

    14-15 November 2014

    Architecture Technique conference in Beijing
    IEN Consultants is presenting at the Architecture Technique conference in Beijing. This annual event is organised by AT Magazine, which is one of major architectural magazines in China. The title of the presentation is
    "Build Truly Green Buildings: The Case of Denmark and Practices in Asia" or
    AT Conference homepage click here

    IEN's AT Presentation click here

    IEN's Case Study Flyer click here

    14 November 2014

    World Diabetes Day @ KLCC 2014
    IEN Consultants is raising awareness about diabetes and how a green built environment can prevent this disease, which is rapidly growing particularly in Asia. IEN has been invited to man one of the booths at the KLCC entrance to the park from noon until 7 pm. Come and learn how you can avoid becoming one of the 10% of Malaysians suffering from diabetes - and watch the Twin Towers being lit in dark blue (the colour used for World Diabetes day).
    Download the presentation click here

    See KLCC photos in dark blue light
    click here
    19 October 2014

    Easy Sundae @ IGEM 2014
    IEN gave a talk about the "Ergonomics and Energy Saving Interactive Lighting Design for Office Space" at Easy Sundae @ IGEM 2014 in KLCC
    To see the presentation material please click here
    4 October 2014

    Talk @ Tropicana Metropark
    IEN gave a talk at the Tropicana Metropark
    To see the presentation material please
    click here (Presentation)
    click here (Green purchasing guide)
    15-20 September 2014

    Future Building Solutions M.Sc. course
    This year we conduct the module 'Designing for the Hot' in Malaysia and Singapore including visits to several of the energy efficient and green buildings by IEN Consultants, Transsolar and others.
    To read about the course:

    Future Building Solutions click here

    Malaysia / Singapore excursion click here
    15 June 2014

    Special Issue on Green Buildings
    IEN has contributed with articles including the cover story for this 25-page special issue on Green Buildings published by The Star newspaper
    To read the articles please
    click here (Living the case of Denmark)
    click here (Expensive not to go green)
    18-19 March 2014

    Beyond Project Management Asia
    IEN has been invited to join the panel discussion on the topic "Mastering Sustainability through Green Projects". The program for the 2-day conference, which is held at Hotel Istana, is attached.
    To read the conference program please click here
    January 2014

    Tallest Building in Indonesia
    IEN has been appointed as the international expert green consultants for the 99-storey Pertamina Energy Tower - the tallest building in Indonesia! The project is targeting Green Ship Platinum certification, the highest level of the Indonesian green building certification. For this project we are teamed up with the local green consultants Narama Mandiri in Indonesia. The international architect is Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) from USA.
    Link to the project page click here

    More information (external link) click here
    January 2014

    Tonasco HQ and production facility recorded energy savings
    In May 2013, Tonasco commissioned IEN Consultants to carry out a Energy Efficiency consultancy for the retrofit of their soon to be new office at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

    The brief was simple. Tonasco was moving their current operations (Office & Production) to a new premise which would be 30% larger (by Gross Floor Area) but would like to keep the energy bills the same or lower than the current energy bill. The new HQ and production facility has now been in operation for long enough to publish the recorded savings.
    Link to the project page click here

    Write-up about the key strategies and recorded savings click here
    24-25 January 2014

    Sri Lanka - Green Building Conference
    Gregers (IEN) will deliver the key note address for this 2-day conference "Value Addition through Greening: Build Green, Live Green". The two presentations given by IEN Consultants at the conference are "Not Expensive to Go Green" and "Lessons from the First Green Shopping Mall in Malaysia". The conference is organised by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka, The Institute of Town Planners of Sri Lanka and Glide(Pvt) Ltd.
    Link to live streaming of the conference click here

    Link to the conference flyer click here
    22 January 2014

    Talk: "Finding solutions while bound by constraints"
    IEN has been invited to give an inspirational talk about how we find workable and sustainable solutions for our clients within the framework of the project at hand, which always have many constraints. Apart from the typical budgetary constraint (i.e. incurring additional cost), we also face physical constraints - particularly with respect to building retrofit projects and what modifications are physically possible - as well as human constraints / willingness to try new building solutions that people are unfamiliar with. We are giving the talk to the software developers at Dong Energy IT, who also are bound by a number of constraints in their daily work.
    December 2013

    Collaboration agreement with Triton & Green Source
    IEN has made a collaboration agreement with the companies Triton & Green Source, Denmark.
    To read a copy of the press release please click here (in danish)
    December 2013

    IEN is one of the partners in the RoCABT project and in charge of conceptualising the concept for the Center for Advance Building Technology to be built in Malaysia. More updates will follow as the project takes shape.
    22 November 2013

    DONG Energy visit
    IEN Consultants visited Dong Energy, the biggest Danish power provider with a very strong environmental profile having won the 'Environmental and Corporate Sustainability' prize under the European Business Award (2013). Dong Energy is rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels to renewable energy power, so by year 2040 renewable energy accounts for 80% of their power production. Already by year 2020, the CO2 emissions per kWh will have dropped to 0.26 kg CO2 / kWh. For comparison, peninsula Malaysia TNBs emissions are currently at 0.64 kg CO2 / kWh and increasing (some say it is at 0.80 kg CO2 / kWh already).

    Moreover, Dong Energy's IT department in Malaysia works on sustainable demand side solutions, including the so-called PowerHub project, which essentially is peak power demand management for big power consuming customers. Flexible demand-side management is a key to increase the share of renewable energy production in the power supply, as these sources often fluctuate (solar, wind, waves, tidal).

    The visit to Dong Energy was very inspirational, as Dong Energy is taking the lead and showing the way forward for other power utilities to follow.

    October 2013

    Front page of ASHRAE High Performance Buildings magazine
    The ST Diamond building was featured on the front page of the quarterly ASHRAE High Perfomance Building (HPB) magazine. The building, for which we were the green consultants, was featured in part because the ST Diamond building placed 2nd for the prestigious global ASHRAE Technology Award, which is awarded to the building that most successfully implements innovative and energy efficient technology.
    To read the article please click here

    To read about the ST Diamond Building please click here

    11-13 September 2013

    Speaker at IGBC, Singapore
    IEN has been invited as speaker at the International Green Building Conference in Singapore. The topic of the talk is 'Lighting and Controls' and will draw upon the building case studies of daylight-responsive lighting controls that IEN successfully has implemented. One of our building projects has a measured lighting consumption of 0.56 W/m2 during office hours, which is 25 times lower than the code requirement.
    To read more about the conference please click here
    September 2013

    Cycling's Cash Benefits
    Interview in The Star with Gregers (IEN) about the socio-economic benefits of bicycling. Many people might find it surprising that bicycling saves the society more than RM 1 per km compared to driving. Moreover, regular exercise from bicycling will add 3-5 years to your life.
    To read the article in The Star Online please click here
    August 2013

    Green School, Bali
    As part of our annual company trip, IEN made an excursion to the sustainable Green School in Bali. We found this international school is highly inspiring - not only because it is built entirely from locally grown bamboo, but also because sustainability forms an integral part of the curriculum. For example, the students grow their own rice and vegetables on the school grounds - and most of the energy is produced onsite with solar panels and mini-hydro (vortex hydro). In order to render our support to this meaningful institution, IEN Consultants gave a donation to the Balinese Scholarship Fund, which allows the local students to make up about 10% of the student body. In return, we had our company logo and name carved in the bamboo of the main building of the school (see pictures).
    To read the Green School blog post written by Gene-Harn (IEN) please click here

    To see photos taken during the visit to the Green School please click here
    10 July 2013

    IEN Consultants website in Chinese
    A Chinese version of the IEN website was launched following a successful business trip to China two weeks earlier.
    25 June 2013

    SEB HQ First green certified building in East Malaysia
    The Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) HQ has been awarded the GBI Silver certification in the final construction verification assessment (CVA).
    To read more about the SEB HQ please click here
    June 2013

    Solar Heliostat for Daylighting
    IEN is helping the development of this innovative product, which can redirect sunlight to light up dim rooms. This small portable sun-tracking mirror-wielding device, SunnyBot, redirects 7,000 lumens of sunlight to the location of your choice (equivalent to a single 500W halogen lamp). The reflective range of the device is up to 200 metres away, with an accuracy error margin of as little as 0.1 meter over 30 meters. IEN has purchased on SunnyBok and is hereby supporting Solenica to raise £200,000 via Kickstarter to step up to industrial manufacturing so it can bring the device market.
    To view a video on how the heliostat works please click here

    To view a video showing the heliostat lighting up a dim room with double mirror reflections pleaseclick here
    20-21 June 2013

    Speaker at Shopping Malls & Retail Destinations
    IEN will be speaking at this regional conference about the commercially viability of going green for shopping malls. We will share experiences from the case study of Setia City Mall for which IEN was the green consultants and which is the 1st green certified shopping mall in Malaysia.
    To download the conference program please click here

    To download our write-up about the Setia City Mall please click here
    April-May 2013

    Master of Engineering Technology in Green and Energy Efficient Buildings
    IEN is teaching a 3-week module on "Energy Efficient Building Design" on this joint Master Degree program between University of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (Germany). This 2-year degree (MEEBG) is taught for Malaysian students at the Kuala Lumpur campus and includes a 1 month stay in Germany as well.
    To read more about the degree please click here
    26-28 April 2013

    Clean & Green Hackathon
    IEN took part in this creative event with brainstorming on ideas to create awesome solutions and apps for sustainable solutions for the society we live in. The Hackathon featured energy, recycling and air quality datasets, which were be available to participants to create and push solutions for a greener world. IEN pitched an app that would enable people to get paid to bicycle to work. The app was called Monec$e combining the word "money" and "exercise".
    A short article with presentation slides can be viewed here

    To download the solution proposed by the group that IEN participated in please click here

    To view a video of the application please click here
    April 2013

    Technical Reviewer for EU Building Energy Efficiency program
    IEN has been engaged as a technical reviewer for the European Union demonstration program to mainstream  energy  efficient buildings and renewable energy systems at a city level across Europe. The already completed demonstration projects show how to reduce energy consumption to 1/4 by reducing the energy consumption by 50% through energy efficiency and by supplying 50% of the remaining energy with renewable energy.
    To read more about the programme please click here
    28 March 2013

    "The Two-Wheel Upgrade"
    Gregers (IEN) likes to tell people that he has upgraded from driving a car to driving a Yike Bike, namely a two-wheeled 100% electric foldable Yike Bike. And he means it! The magazine 'For Connoisseurs' contacted Gregers for their 'green issue' to do an article about his experiences as a Yike Bike user in Kuala Lumpur.
    To download the article please click here
    23 March 2013

    Speaker at PAM Sarawak Design Forum
    IEN gave the opening presentation at annual Design Forum of PAMSC, Kuching, for which a record 200+ attendees. Gregers explained how IEN Consultants has successfully has bridged the gap between architects and engineers for several completed green building projects for which the energy and water consumption typically is reduced by 50% or more. The 1-hour presentation included six case studies of completed projects in Malaysia and the region including the recently completed new headquarters for Sarawak Energy Berhad for which the energy consumption has been reduced by 80%.
    To read more about the event please click here
    March 2013

    Scientific Panel of SB13
    IEN is on the scientific panel for the regional Sustainable Building conference 2013 in Singapore. The conference is organised by NUS and BCA and will take place 9-10 September 2013.
    To read more about the conference please click here
    March 2013

    "Bicycle – A Sustainable Commuting Tool"
    Article published in FuturArc
    Gene-Harn (IEN) had his debut as published writer with this co-authored article for FuturArc Magazine. The well-researched article gives a good overview of bicycle initiatives in Asia and beyond and makes a compelling case for bicycling as a sustainable traffic option that has been under prioritised most places.
    To read the article please click here
    21 December 2012

    Two Yike Bikes for the IEN Office
    Now the IEN staff can both Build Green and Drive Clean!
    Two Yike Bikes for the office. The 100% electric bicycles are available for staff to use for their daily commute to the office. The bikes are foldable and portable and hence easily combine with public transport. Moreover, they do not add to the congestion and air pollution of the city. The energy consumption of a Yike Bike is only 2.3% compared to an average car, and the associated CO2 emission of the Yike Bike is only 6% compared to a car. The electricity consumption for a full 10 km charge only amounts to only 0.223 kWh, or just 8 sen (Malaysian cents). And with the Yike Bike no time or money is wasted on parking. IEN Consultants believes that electric vehicles are part of the solution to achieve a sustainable society. Hence, with the purchase of the two Yike Bikes, we are happy to extend our slogan to "Build green - Drive clean".
    Link to Yike Bike video shot at the IEN office and on the street of Kuala Lumpur: click here

    Link to article in The Star: click here
    14 December 2012

    Best Paper Award
    IEN Constultants won the "Best Paper Award" at iNTA 2012 in Singapore
    IEN Consultants won the 'Best Paper Award' at the iNTA 2012 conference in Singapore for the paper "Movable Insulation for Natural Cooling of Roof Slab in the Tropics". The paper by Brian Klejn-Christensen, Stephanie Carr and Gregers Reimann is available upon request. The second presentation by IEN (Gregers), which was also well received, was entitled "ST Diamond Building: Sustainability by Integrated Design".
    To go to the conference homepage please click here
    12-14 December 2012

    iNTA 2012
    Gregers presenting two papers at iNTA 2012 in Singapore
    Gregers (IEN) presenting two papers at the 4th International Network for Tropical Architecture Conference (12-14 Dec) in Singapore.
    To read more about the conference please click here
    4 December 2012

    "It's Not Easy Being Green" book available at IEN office
    "It's Not Easy Being Green" book available at IEN office. Gregers (IEN) is one of the contributors to the book made by two designers, Aart van Bezooyen and Paula Raché, exploring sustainability worldwide. The book is free of charge and twenty copies are available at a first come first serve basis.
    To read more about the book please click here
    27 November 2012

    The book "The Cooperation" (2012) has been made freely available online and reviews the fruitful 16 year long cooperation between Malaysia and Denmark targeted at ensuring a more sustainable development in Malaysia.
    The book "The Cooperation" (2012) has been made freely available online and reviews the fruitful 16 year long cooperation between Malaysia and Denmark targeted at ensuring a more sustainable development in Malaysia. During the period, 127 projects were implemented with concrete results for the Malaysian environment and benefitial improvements for Malaysian society. The existence of IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd is a direct result of this cooperation program, as Poul Kristensen, the founder of IEN, was engaged at the energy consultant to make the building of the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Water and Green Technology (KeTTHA) - also know as the Low Energy Office (LEO) building - a demonstration project for energy efficiency. This successful project, which reduced the energy consumption by 50% and had a payback time of 5 years, as well as several other of IEN's subsequent green building projects are featured in the book.
    To read the book click here
    26 November 2012

    Speaker at "SusTED Conference" about rainwater harvesting systems
    SusTED (Sustainable Tropical Environmental Design):
    Climate Change - Water, 26. / 27. November 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    To read more about the conference please click here
    21 November 2012

    Study trip to Gardens By The Bay
    The 1-day study trip to Singapore included three projects of which the newly opened and impressive Gardens by the Bay was the highlight. This 'reverse' air-conditioned greenhouse contains several sustainable design features, which makes the energy consumption similar to that of a normal office building.
    To see group photo from the trip please click here
    14 November 2012

    Two IEN'ers were featured in today's front page news about the new regulations for electric bicycles
    Gene-Harn (IEN) and Gregers (IEN) were both featured in today's front page news about the new regulations for electric bicycles in Malaysia. Both being avid Yike Bike riders they chipped into the debate.
    To read the article please click here

    To see the interview please click here

    01 November 2012

    Gregers (IEN) was featured as the business profile for the month of November in the Expat Magazine
    Gregers (IEN) was featured as the business profile for the month of November in the Expat Magazine.
    To read the article please click here
    25 October 2012

    Green IKEA: IEN won the bid as sustainability consultant for the second IKEA Kuala Lumpur store
    The new IKEA in Kuala Lumpur will targeting LEED Gold and GBI Gold certification. IEN won the bid as sustainability consultant and will also ensure that 35% energy savings and 30% water savings are met.
    25 October 2012

    Gene-Harn (IEN) is an avid blogger about environmental issues
    Gene-Harn is an avid blogger about environmental issues and finds lots of his inspiration from his work at IEN Consultants.
    17 October 2012

    Future City Labs: Workshop on low-exergy cooling systems, eg. floor slab cooling systems
    IEN took part in a workshop on low-exergy cooling systems, eg. floor slab cooling systems. We shared some of the measured data from the first office buildings operating with floor slab cooling systems in South-East Asia, namely the GEO Building and the ST Diamond Building (both by IEN Consultants in Malaysia).
    To read more please click here
    11 October 2012

    Speaker at "International Green Building Conference"
    Visit the conference homepage for more information.
    To read more please click here
    11 October 2012

    PM launches green book:
    "The Green Frontier: A Malaysian Journey"
    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launches the book "The Green Frontier: A Malaysian Journey" reviewed and sponsored by IEN Consultants.
    To read more please click here
    09 October 2012

    Build Green, Drive Clean!

    Article in "The Star" about the Yike Bike
    Article in "The Star" about the Yike Bike.
    To read the online article in "The Star" please click here

    To read a short description about the Yike Bike please click here
    18 September 2012

    Launch of Sarawak Energy Berhad HQ Building in Kuching
    The energy efficient building launch will be attended by the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Sarawak
    To read about the project please
    click here
    14 September 2012

    Speaker at "Clean Energy Expo Asia 2012"
    Visit the expo homepage for more information.
    To read more please click here
    12 September 2012

    "ST Diamond Building" receives the ASEAN Energy Award for "New and Existing Buildings"
    Visit the links for more information about the project, read an article from "The Star" and to see photos from the award ceremony.
    To read a description of the project please click here

    To read the article please click here

    To see a photo from the award ceremony please click here
    28 August 2012

    Electrical Vehicle public talk at "Green Drinks" (8pm @ Mulberry, Kuala Lumpur)
    Gregers (IEN) will be talking about and demonstrating the 100% electric Yike Bike at "Green Drinks".
    To read more please click here
    28 August 2012

    LEED Platinum certification (1st in Malaysia) awarded to AUO SunPower in Melaka
    IEN Consultants worked under the contractor, Hexagon Holdings Berhad, for the main administration building to achieve this certification.
    To read more about the project please click here
    25 July 2012

    GBI Platinum certification (provisional) for the KKR2 building
    See the project description page for more information about the project.
    To read more about the project please click here
    July 2012

    First electric Yike Bike riders in Kuala Lumpur
    Visit the links to read more about the Yike Bike.
    To see photos and and details about the Yike Bike click here

    To read more about the Yike Bike from the Malaysian distributor click here
    July 2012

    3 conference papers by IEN Consultants
    The papers by IEN Consultants were presented at the conference "The 3rd Annual Tropical Subtropical Green Building Alliance Conference".
    June 2012

    Book release: "Greening Asia"
    IEN Consultants has contributed and reviewed part of the book "Greening Asia: Emerging Principles for Sustainable Architecture" by Dr. Nirmal Kishnani
    To visit the book's homepage please click here