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Paramit - factory in the forest

 A QID publication

Official Launch 9 December 2021

Paramit: Factory in the Forest is a 144-page hardcover monograph that chronicles the transformative journey of Malaysia’s world-renowned green industrial building. From the sun-bleached shores of California to the tropical climes of Penang, this is a first-hand account of visionary CEO Billoo Rataul’s challenges, fortuity and fortune in pursuit of energy innovation and landmark design.

From a green vision to an architecture of nature, the book captures in detail the full breadth of this ambitious project, narrated by John Bulcock of Design Unit Architects, Gregers Reimann of IEN Consultants, and the project team. Filled with stunning photography, concept sketches and beautifully rendered drawings, this is an insider’s look to the building’s marathon road from conception to completion, unravelling the science behind its outstanding performance with easy-to-read diagrams and infographics.

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