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4th International Building Control Conference IBCC

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

IEN has been invited to present two papers:

"Practicality and Performance of Daylight Trough in the Tropics"

A case study paper on the daylight performance of the pioneering daylight trough that was fitted in MK Block D. The daylight trough is capable of daylit the office space as deep as 6 meters sufficiently at its peak. With an impressive lighting power density of 1.90W/m2, the daylight trough design saves 39.2% of lighting energy over conventional lighting system. This paper further elaborates the practicality of working with such a system, including cost implication, design challenges and contractual difficulties.

The paper is available here (click):

"Office Occupants' Mood and Preference of Task Ambient Lighting in the Tropics"

The paper reaffirms previous findings that the usage of task light has increased subjects' lighting satisfaction with paper work and overall mood significantly. Despite only 30% of recorded illuminance within MS1525 range, the increased in lighting controllability complements the wide range of illuminance preference among the subjets. A significant finding is also that lighting satisfaction is not correlated to illuminance level but correlated to the variation of illuminance level throughout the day, which shows the combination of task light and ambient daylight to be the most appropriate lighting system for the office space in the Tropics.

The paper is available here (click):


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