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5 Star Energy Rating - IKEA Cheras first store in Malaysia to obtain recertification (RVA) of GBI

GBI Representative hand over certification to IEN Consultants and IKEA Cheras representative

IEN Consultants being the expert partner with IKEA Malaysia successfully helped IKEA Cheras obtain recertification of GBI, Green Building Index (RVA - Recertification Verification Assessment) with 5 Star EE (Energy Efficient) rating.

In 2018, Ikea Cheras became the first IKEA Store in Malaysia to achieve Green Building Index (GBI) Gold, however, GBI certification was only valid for 3 years, therefore constant monitoring, performance management, and improvement are critical in maintaining the building certification status and ensure its performed in an optimum manner.

Project Write-Up - Link

Essential Performance Indicator in 2022 GBI Recertification for IKEA Cheras:

  1. Building Energy Intensity (BEI) has reduced from 170 kWh/yr/m2 (During CVA 2018) to 148 kWh/yr/m2 (RVA in 2022) (reduction of 22 kWh/yr/m2)

  2. 4.5 Star EE Rating to 5 Star EE Rating

  3. Saving of 1,149,984 kWh per year equivalent to saving of RM419,744 per year (not including MD Charge)*

* TNB Tariff C1 36.5 sen/kWh (Refer Link)

* GFA project: 52,272 m2

GBI RVA Recertification also looks at the performance and maintenance of the following matters:

  1. Energy Efficiency Performance

  2. Energy Monitoring and Management

  3. Renewable Energy Functionality

  4. Sustainability Maintenance

  5. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

  6. Indoor Comfort Monitoring

  7. Indoor Comfort Survey

  8. Greenery space maintenance

  9. Water Efficiency Performance

  10. Rainwater harvesting system performance

  11. Innovative technology maintenance and functionality

GBI RVA Verification Visit

IKEA Cheras - with 1 MW of Solar Panel on roof top


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