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Affordable Public Housing

IEN worked with Hijjas Kasturi to come up with an interesting, innovative and zero-energy affordable public housing scheme, which is exhibited at the "MY.HSE - The Malaysian Future Housing Case Studies" exhibition at Damansara City Mall until 2 Sept. 2018; the exhibition is part of the KLAF2018 (Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2018).

This ideas' exhibition showcases some of our new interesting concepts, such as sky cooling to provide free cooling at night and doubling up as solar collectors for hot water production in the day. Moreover, the multi-storey public housing block is assembled in a LEGO-like fashion, namely from prefabricated volumetric cubes assembled on site. By paying careful attention to providing cross-ventilation for each room, ensuring energy efficient appliances and controls as well as a real-time occupant feedback system on the monthly solar-energy provision for each apartment, the public housing development becomes ZERO-energy. In other words, the annual energy consumption of this highly energy efficient building matches that of the solar panels mounted on the roof. And with an energy bill of zero, this public housing development also achieve affordability during operation.


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