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Anthropogenic Mass Extinction

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

IEN wrote this article about how human activity has a profound effect on the World we live in for GreenPlus Magazine. The points raised in the article are also referenced in the IEN brochure, namely, in the 'Message from the CEO':

Human influence on Earth and its eco-systems is now so profound that scientists tell us we have entered a new geological age called the Anthropocene, where humanity's impacts will be visible millions of years into the future. This is astounding - and hardly sustainable!

To lessen the human (anthropogenic) environmental impact and our all important effort to avoid irreversible catastrophic climate change, the built environment plays a key role. Not only does forty percent of the World's resource consumption relate to the built environment, but this is also the sector with the biggest and cheapest greenhouse gas emission reduction potential. Moreover, people spend about ninety percent of their time indoors, so let us make our time spent on this Earth worthwhile by designing buildings and cities that cater better to human needs as well as being environmentally friendly.

There's a common misconception that it is expensive to build energy efficient, green and healthy buildings. The truth is quite the opposite, as proven by our company's vast track-record. And the case becomes even more compelling when factoring in human health and long term effects of climate change.

The choice is clear: Build green!

Gregers Reimann

GreenPlus homepage (click).

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