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Carbon Symposium | Low-carbon buildings

IEN had the pleasure to attend and contribute to some of work presented at recent Carbon Symposium focusing on low and zero-carbon buildings and low-carbon construction technologies. This half day symposium held at NUS SDE3 (in the morning of this low-carbon retrofitted building's official launch) and had good mix of speakers from Singapore as well as from abroad:

Highlights of the Carbon Symposium included:

  • Giving historical context to the low-carbon retrofit of the SDE1&3 buildings at the National University of Singapore (NUS), as well as architectural and technical details about the low-carbon retrofit itself, which the speaker Erik L'Heureux (NUS), was very much involved in as the client.

  • Embodied carbon of the existing building structure of the SDE1&3 buildings, and the amount of carbon emissions avoided by retrofitting the buildings instead of tearing the down and rebuilding something new. As well as the substantial continuous carbon emission reductions from energy efficient operation of the retrofitted buildings. This talk was given by Wolfgang Kessling (Transsolar), who contributed to the retrofit concept for the SDE1&3 buildings.

  • Results from using the simplified Carbon Calculator for Buildings that IEN has helped to create for the Integrated Sustainable Design (ISD) programme taught at NUS. This talk was given by Nirmal Kishnani.

All presentations are made available by the National University, Center of Design and Engineering (NUS CDE) on Youtube here:

The timestamp for each of the speakers in Session 1 are:

0:13 Lam Khee Poh (NUS CDE), moderator

7:10 Low Teck Seng (NUS)

14:45 Nader Tehrani (Cooper Union, NADAAA)

38:20 Erik L'Heureux (NUS CDE)

1:13:40 Eric Höweler (Harvard University, Höweler + Yoon)

1:42:38 Ho Puay Peng (NUS CDE)

1:53:10 Mok Wei Wei (W Architects) 2:18:51 Q&A

The timestamp for each of the speakers in Session 2 are:

2:22 Wolfgang Kessling (Transsolar)

23:57 Nirmal Kishnani (NUS CDE)

44:22 Kua Harn Wei (NUS CDE), zero-carbon concrete

1:08:24 Hossein Rezai (Ramboll)

1:32:50 Q&A

To read more about the low-carbon retrofit of SDE1&3, go here:


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