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DONG Energy visit

IEN Consultants visited Dong Energy, the biggest Danish power provider with a very strong environmental profile having won the 'Environmental and Corporate Sustainability' prize under the European Business Award (2013). Dong Energy is rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels to renewable energy power, so by year 2040 renewable energy accounts for 80% of their power production. Already by year 2020, the CO2 emissions per kWh will have dropped to 0.26 kg CO2 / kWh. For comparison, peninsula Malaysia TNBs emissions are currently at 0.64 kg CO2 / kWh and increasing (some say it is at 0.80 kg CO2 / kWh already).

Moreover, Dong Energy's IT department in Malaysia works on sustainable demand side solutions, including the so-called PowerHub project, which essentially is peak power demand management for big power consuming customers. Flexible demand-side management is a key to increase the share of renewable energy production in the power supply, as these sources often fluctuate (solar, wind, waves, tidal).

The visit to Dong Energy was very inspirational, as Dong Energy is taking the lead and showing the way forward for other power utilities to follow.


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