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Eco-Mobility Workshop

IEN took part in a Eco-Mobility workshop for Kuala Lumpur organized by KLCSI (Kuala Lumpur Center for Sustainable Innovation). The intent of the workshop was to have relevant stakeholders discuss and improve on the contents of the Eco-Mobility Manual, which is to be published as a book later this year. The workshop emphasized on the health benefits of the more active life-style that comes from eco-mobility, especially from walking and bicycling cycling / pedal-assist bicycling, which is very much aligned with the belief earlier publications by IEN Consultants. The participants of the workshop were: Alissa Raj (IEN Consultants), Gregers Reimann (IEN Consultants), James Speirs (Think City), Duncan Cave (Think City), Dr. KC Lee (Raja Melewar Teacher Training Institute), Dr. David Tan (United Nations University), Yasmin Lane (O-Bike), Dr. Muhammed Zaly (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), K. Phubalan (WWF-Malaysia), Wan Adam (WWF-Malaysia), Helme Ashaari (Freelancer), Ian Goh (O-Bike), Samson Cheong (Student), Elena Mei Yun (Ride with Elena), Shobna Gunasegran (KLCSI), Michelle Rajoo (KLCSI), Dr. Shine Hsu (KLCSI) and Dr. Thomas Tang (KLCSI).

Group photo

Cartoon on health-risk of inactive lifestyle. By IEN Consultants

1 million hours wasted per day in Kuala Lumpur traffic costing society RM54 million per day. Infographic by IEN Consultants

Bumper sticker, car vs. bicycle, by IEN Consultants


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