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Energy and Ecology (NUS)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

IEN was - once again - invited to give lectures course "ISD5104 Energy and Ecology", which is part of the M.Sc. of Integrated Sustainable Design at the School of Design and Environment, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore (NUS). This year, IEN combined the lectures with conducting a study tour to visit energy efficient buildings in Kuala Lumpur. The lectures given by IEN were entitled "Net Zero Energy Buildings", "Case Studies: Energy Efficient Buildings" and "Passive and Active Building Design", and the buildings visited were "PAM Centre", "Menara KKR2 (or Menara Kerja Raya) and the "ST Diamond Building". Always a pleasure to show engaged students your work and hopefully inspire them :-)

The other lecturers for the course are Dr. Siu-Kit (Eddie) LAU (NUS) and Yong Sheng KHOO (SERIS).

PAM Centre info flyer by PAM (click).

M.Sc. ISD program (click).

Group Photo at center of Kuala Lumpur, where to two rivers meet.

Gregers giving presentation at PAM building.

Professors having lunch. Gregers Reimann and Eddie Lau.


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