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Energy & Ecology (NUS)

IEN will be one of the lecturers for the course module "Energy & Ecology" taught at the Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The course focuses on various forms of energy and their application at the building and city level. The lectures given by Gregers (IEN) are entitled:

Lecture 1: "Passive vs. Active Systems/Design"

Lecture 2: "Net Zero Energy Buildings"

Lecture 3: "Case Studies: Energy Efficient Buildings"

Lecture 4: "Building Sector’s Important Role in Achieving the Climate Change Reduction Goals"

The other lectures are given by Dr. Siu-Kit (Eddie) Lau (Department of Architecture) and Veronika Shabunko (Solar Energy Research Institute Singapore, SERIS). The student assignment to be evaluated on the last day is on the topic "Integration building scale and urban scale".

Department of Architecture, NUS (click).

SERIS (click).


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