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Expensive NOT to Go Green

Gregers (IEN) had the pleasure to deliver this important message in front of nearly 200 students at Taylor's University. And using one of IEN's green building projects in Malaysia to illustrate the point. For this project, the client of this building requested for a "cheap building", but not in the typical sense. This client wanted a building that had the cheapest lifecycle cost, because he knew that he had to pay the operational bills. Not just for energy and water, but also the salaries. The client intrinsically knew, that creating a high performance building with a good indoor environment (daylight, views out, greenery, good air quality, thermal comfort) would be good for business - and we proved him right. Refer to our presentation below for the numbers:

The full panel of speakers for this leadership forum was:

  • Dr. Chai Changsaar Associate Professor, Taylor’s University, School of Architecture, Building and Design (SABD)

  • Dr. Veronica Ng Head of School, Associated Professor, Taylor’s University SABD

  • Mr. Ajith Menon CEO & Managing Director, BIMAGE Consulting

  • Mr. Gregers Reimann Managing Director, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

  • Mr. Ronan Collins Digital Engineering Lead, HSS Engineers Bhd

  • Mr. Bruce Wells Founder & Principal Consultant, 8today Ltd

  • Mr. Bruce Lee VDC Lead, Senior Lecturer, Taylor’s University SABD

Refer to group photo below where each of the speakers were given a 3D printed paper plane:

More photos from the Transformative Digital Leadership Forum: Pioneering the Future of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) event on 1 Nov 2023 at Taylor's University:


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