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GEO Building recognized at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2020

Great to see our GEO Building - designed as a pioneering Zero Energy Building - be recognized at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2020 more than 13 years after its completion. The building had many innovations and 1st time installations in Malaysia such as floor slab cooling. The GEO building remails among the absolutely most innovative and most energy efficient office buildings in Malaysia

The GEO building (2007) is joint winner in the 2020 ASEAN “Zero Energy Building” category with the university building NUS SDE4 (2019), which has a measured Energy Use Index of 55 kWh/m2 year (without solar PV) and -17 kWh/m2 year (with solar PV).

IEN Consultants will be publishing a longer “lessons learned” article about the GEO Building. At the time of its design, the stated purpose was to point 10-15 years into the future for construction. Now, 13 years later, we will take stock and highlight what design predictions were right, and which were not. Stay tuned, and if you have been among the thousands of visitors to the GEO Building over the years, let us know our impression of the building?


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