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Green School, Bali

As part of our annual company trip, IEN made an excursion to the sustainable Green School in Bali. We found this international school is highly inspiring - not only because it is built entirely from locally grown bamboo, but also because sustainability forms an integral part of the curriculum. For example, the students grow their own rice and vegetables on the school grounds - and most of the energy is produced onsite with solar panels and mini-hydro (vortex hydro). In order to render our support to this meaningful institution, IEN Consultants gave a don

ation to the Balinese Scholarship Fund, which allows the local students to make up about 10% of the student body. In return, we had our company logo and name carved in the bamboo of the main building of the school (see pictures).

To read the Green School blog post written by Gene-Harn (IEN) please click here.

Taken during the visit to the Green School:


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