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GreenRE lecturer

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

IEN has been invited back to give a 1 hour lecture for the GreenRE Manager’s Course 17th Intake in Petaling Jaya, Wisma Rehda. IEN will be giving the lecture on "Green Innovation Features" in the building sector. Last time, this lecture was very well received by the students, because IEN Consultants - being the pioneering green building consultant in Malaysia - has a vast portfolio of completed green, energy efficient and innovative building projects in Malaysia and the region. As such, the lecture showed the students that truly green and innovative building projects have already been successfully built, something several of the students said that they found highly inspirational. The lecture will include the topics of innovative energy efficient technologies, innovative daylight solutions, innovative thermal comfort, innovative sky cooling, innovative ways to influence green behaviour (the "nudging" effect), innovative natural ventilation and innovative building integrated renewable energy systems like BIPV (building integrate photovoltaics) and PVT (photovoltaic thermal).

GreenRE Manager's Course (pdf).

GreenRE homepage (click).


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