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New MBAM Center

A innovative, daring and sustainable design scheme was submitted for the new headquarters of the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM). The design was the result of an integrated design process between IEN Consultants and HOYK Architect / Jeffrey Lee / Jonathon Kok / Wee Jia Foong. The sustainable design features included a self-shading facade with glare-free daylighting and movable solar panels on tracks for shading of facades exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, the building was designed to induce the wind tunnel effect at ground floor, hence, maximizing the thermal comfort by enhancing simple cross-ventilation. Other sustainable features for this GBI Platinum building included bio-filtration of water, rainwater harvesting, grey water harvesting as well as maximizing energy and water efficiency throughout the building.

A total of 79 schemes were submitted for the design competition organized by the Malaysian Institute of Architects, or Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM). The winning scheme has yet to be announce.


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