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Redefining the Good Life

Gregers (IEN) gave a talk about "happiness at work" and what company practices that IEN Consultants has in place in pursuit of this goal. The talk was very well received and generated a lot of interest with a repeated request for sharing the slides; refer to download link below. The talk was given at the Sustainable Brands conference (SBKL 17), which this year has the theme 'Redefining the Good Life', and Gregers took this chance to emphasize the important role of the employer.

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at the workplace and often to some degree identify ourselves through our profession. Yet, working is one of the least liked activities, and often, the workplace culture does not exactly help the employees in achieving the Goodlife. At IEN Consultants, we take a different approach, as the well-being of the employees is paramount. The workplace must be an enjoyable place with a sense of purpose, personal development and social interaction. The presentation "Achieving the Good Life and the important role of the workplace" shares some of the IEN Consultants company culture practices that we believe brings about happiness at work.

Conference program (click).



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