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RM59/day to drive to work!!! True Travelling Cost of Travelling to Work in KL

Yamona shares her experience of traveling in Klang Valley, why she prefers public transport and not driving to work, and breaking the myth of driving is better. She found out that taking the bus was 12 times cheaper than driving. It costs RM59/day to drive (including the ownership of the car) compared to RM5/day of taking the bus, and only added 8% extra to the commuting time. She settled for a commuting scheme that is 3 times cheaper than driving, saving her 23% of the time. Of course, better public transport (more accessibility) can make a big impact on netizen commute behavior and reduce the stress on the road.

High Congestion in a big city like KL, Malaysia, not only creates unnecessary stress but is only costing A LOT of money! If we look into time wastage, fuel wastage, and environmental harm, the congestion in Kuala Lumpur costs RM 54million per day! (Source: World Bank Study, 2015: Link)

Yamona's presentation file as below:

A few reference notes for Yamona's commuting case study: 1) For the public transport time calculation, the time for the office shuttle to the train station (about 15 min) and the lift from the neighbor to the train station (about 5-10 minutes) was not included 2) Reference to the cost of ownership and calculation assumption: Link:


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