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Rosenheim University

A 3-year collaboration agreement was signed between Rosenheim University of Applied Science (RoUAS) and IEN Consultants. The collaboration will center on the following activities:

1. Teaching

Continuing collaboration on the joint 2-year Master Course on Green & Energy Efficient Buildings (MGEEB), for which IEN has been the lecturer since the onset of the course in 2011.

2. Joint projects

Undertake joint projects within the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the built environment.

3. Student internships

IEN to host Rosenheim students for internships in Malaysia.

4. Measuring equipment

IEN to administer the measuring indoor thermal comfort measuring equipment and weather station purchased by Rosenheim University.

The collaboration agreement was signed by the president of Rosenheim University, Prof. Heinrich Köster, and Gregers Reimann (IEN) on 23 June 2017 in Germany, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Kreimes and Simon Flatscher.

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