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RTM TV Interview

IEN was interviewed for a television program "Green Investing" to be shown at the Malaysian national television station Berita RTM. The 13-episodes will be aired on Wednesday afternoons (3:30-4:00 pm) starting from 1st July until 23rd September 2020. The episode featuring IEN Consultants is entitled "Top Countries that are Leading the Sustainable Energy Industry". For this episode, we touch upon inspirational green developments taking place in Costa Rica (Suwan Bonma), Singapore (Chin Hong), New Zealand (Sheena Moses) and Denmark (Gregers Reimann). It was a meaningful experience to take part in this television program to help spread awareness about going green, what other countries are doing and why there is no time to waste. Moreover, it was a pleasure meeting the production manager, Andrew Shin (May Vision), who is specialized in doing TV programs about green / sustainable / environmental issues.

Online streaming of Berita RTM (TV-5) programs (click).

Gregers Reimann, IEN, showcasing energy efficient Danish technology, electric cargobike.

Sheena Moses, IEN, being interviewed for Berita RTM.

Filming at the IEN Consultants office, Bangsar, 2020.

Andrew Shin and Gregers Reimann, IEN, after Berita RTM TV interview.

Andrew Shin and Suwan Bonma, IEN, after being interviewed for Berita RTM.


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