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Synthesising A Green Factory

IEN (Gregers) has been invited to give a joint talk with Design Unit Architects (John Bulcock) on the integrated design process, design philosophy and technical solutions behind our multi-award-winning energy efficient, green and highly biophilic factory project. The Paramit electronics factory in Penang has achieved 40% measured energy savings. Equally important, an anonymous post-occupancy survey showed high appreciation levels for the natural environment, conducive daylit work spaces with views to greenery and a strong connection to Nature.

The event is part of the Premier Lecture Series by the University Malaya Architectural Department (Faculty of Built Environment) and is hosted by Assoc. Prof. (I) Ar. Sarly Adre. Join via live stream on Facebook on Wednesday 9 September at 8:30 pm on this link:

Paramit project page (IEN, DU).

Synthesising A Green Factory, Facebook Live recording (click).

Video of design features of Paramit.

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