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"The Elephant in the Room is a Cow"

The above quote is by environmental journalist George Monbiot, who in his recent book, Regenesis, outlines the great potential for resource efficiency by switching to a food industry that produces meat proteins from plants, precision fermentation and fungi, instead of from conventional livestock farming.

At IEN, we are always excited, when we can reduce the environmental by magnitudes, instead of just by a mere percentage. Some of our best examples include:

  • Factor 5 building energy consumption reduction measured for the new SEB headquarters building in Kuching:

  • Factor 25 lighting energy consumption reduction measured at the GEO building in Bangi:

And now, with the advent of precision fermentation:

  • Factor 41,000 land use reduction for protein production from precision fermentation instead of conventional livestock farming.

At IEN, we are at the final bidding stage of a major agricultural master-planning project in South-East Asia and hope to soon be addressing the elephant in the room head on for the future of agriculture and food security.


Sources for this article:

b) Regenesis by George Monbiot review – hungry for real change. The Guardian book review.

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