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Towards ZERO waste!

Congratulations to our two staff, Sheena and Cindel, for passing the exam on the TRUE Rating System, hereby obtaining the qualification as TRUE Advisors. What's interesting about this program is its strong focus on advancing zero waste values and policies. Sending waste for recycling is not good enough. For projects to become TRUE Zero Waste certified, they must consider redesigning waste systems and reducing overall waste generated. A TRUE Zero Waste project has to achieve a minimum 90% waste diversion to qualify for certification. This is often also good business - especially for industrial players - as generating unnecessary waste is also a waste of money.

In short, TRUE waste is good for the environment - and for the bottom line!  

IEN staff - Cindel & Sheena are now TRUE Zero Waste Progam Advisors as recognizd by Green Business Certification Inc.

The TRUE Rating System study material and exam are both done online. To learn more, go to the official website here:

Once you finish the online exam, you will get the answer straight away. See screendump from Cindel's computer:

With this, IEN looks forward to assisting our clients in achieving more ambitious waste diversion goals. Write to us at for more information.


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