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Transition to Renewable Energy

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Austin (IEN) will be one of the speakers at the Webinar “The Impact of the Pandemic on The Oil Industry and The Transition to Renewable Energy”. The objective of this webinar is to discuss the current status and impact of Covid-19 on the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry as well as the Renewable Energy (RE) industry. This webinar also aims to assist students to plan their future now and after their studies, especially those who are studying O&G-related courses. The event will be on 6th August 2020, 2PM.

The webinar is organized by Youth Professional Network, Energy Institute (EI) Malaysia. EI is a UK-based not-for-profit chartered professional membership body bringing global energy expertise together to tackle urgent global challenges. Its mission may be simply summarized as ensuring that “Energy and the critical role that it plays in our world is better understood, managed and valued”.

IEN will be discussing the true cost of fossil fuel, energy pricing. global coal power plant status and the O&G majors' transition strategies. The energy solutions of tomorrow are no longer found below the ground. It's time to look above ground for renewable energy sources like wind & solar. Why not take the opportunity and ride the Green Wave together? Those O&G producers who resist a transitioning now might very well soon find that they have missed the boat.

Energy Institute Malaysia (click).

IEN Presentation:

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