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TRX Mall Opening - The Exchange TRX - Largest LEED GOLD Certified Mall

On 29/November/2023, Kuala Lumpur added the latest landmark, The Exchange TRX Mall.

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) has been the new financial district for a few years, however, there was a missing piece to this development previously that connected the whole development, on 29/November this year, The Exchange TRX Mall the GFA of 2.2million sqft, finally opens its door and filling in the biggest gap on the master development of TRX being the newest financial district for Kuala Lumpur

The Exchange TRX Mall Opening (Photo: The Star Newspaper)
TRX City CEO Datuk Haji Azmar Talib (second from left) at the opening ceremony of The Exchange TRX together with Lendlease representatives (from left) The Exchange TRX project director and Lendlease Malaysia head of retail Mitch Wilson, Lendlease Asia CEO Justin Gabbani and Lendlease Malaysia chairman Dinesh Nambiar. (Photo by Lendlease)

IEN involvement with Lendlease for The Exchange Mall dates back in 2015 - When IEN Consultants was appointed as green building consultants for the projects, with various simulations, ideas, and pioneer green building concepts overseen, and implemented over 8 years.

LEED® Certification - The Exchange TRX Mall currently stands as one of the largest retail malls in Malaysia to be certified under LEED® GOLD certification - green building certification scheme by USGBC - US Green Building Council.

Some notable list of the pioneer sustainability efforts implemented in The Exchange TRX retail mall:

  1. 10 acres of roof park including features like a forest walk, cave playground, water sensory fountain, and Malaysia Minangkabau-themed playground

  2. Green Leasing with budgeted lighting power allowance to all tenants

  3. Purposeful design and constructed skylights cover more than 80% of the common area to allow natural light and connectivity to the outside.

  4. Proper design and constructed lighting system of the common area of total lighting power less than 7W/m2 but producing 200-300 lux level

  5. The efficient lighting system at the carpark with a lighting power density of less than 1.6W/m2

  6. Motion and daylight sensors for automatic lighting control.

  7. Magnetic Chillers system to cater to fluctuation air-conditioning load, with a target efficiency of 0.65 kW/RT efficiency

  8. Electronically Commutated EC Brushless DC motor Fan Coil Units air-conditioning system at every tenant allowed for localized AC control and better temperature and humidity control

  9. >70% of water consumption is supplied from black/grey water recycling (including cooling tower, toilet flushing, and landscape irrigation)

  10. High-efficiency low-flow fitting for hand basin, WC, and urinal, with Dyson hand dryer in all toilets.

Pictures from the opening of the mall:

Skylights (view from ground level)

Skylights (view from first floor)

Skylights (view from second floor, able to view TRX 106 tower and greenery)

Central Exchange (Ceiling lit up by skylight)

Man behind the design, Gregers (left) and Suwan (right) from IEN Consultants, and Bjorn (not in the photo)

Grand Staircase to the roof park

Staircase to the roof park with vertical greenery

Roof Park

Roof Park overseeing TRX 106

Cave Playground

Extensive greenery around the skylight

Forest Walk

Native and adaptive planting

Plant Signage for educational purposes

Minangkabau-themed playground

Bio pond

Children water playground

Roof Park

Roof Park


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