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Two Yike Bikes for the IEN Office. Now the IEN staff can both Build Green and Drive Clean!

Two Yike Bikes for the office. The 100% electric bicycles are available for staff to use for their daily commute to the office. The bikes are foldable and portable and hence easily combine with public transport. Moreover, they do not add to the congestion and air pollution of the city. The energy consumption of a Yike Bike is only 2.3% compared to an average car, and the associated CO2 emission of the Yike Bike is only 6% compared to a car. The electricity consumption for a full 10 km charge only amounts to only 0.223 kWh, or just 8 sen (Malaysian cents). And with the Yike Bike no time or money is wasted on parking. IEN Consultants believes that electric vehicles are part of the solution to achieve a sustainable society. Hence, with the purchase of the two Yike Bikes, we are happy to extend our slogan to "Build green - Drive clean".

Yike Bike video shot at the IEN office and on the street of Kuala Lumpur:


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