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UPM Lecture & Anniversary

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Gregers (IEN) was invited to give lectures to year 4 and year 5 architectural students at the Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), for the courses "ARC 5630 Sustainable Building Development Issues" and "ARC 5502 Energy and Architecture". The topic of Gregers' lectures were "Passive and Active Design, "Net Zero Energy Buildings" and "Energy Efficient Building case studies" drawing upon IEN Consultants' vast portfolio of completed green building projects. Moreover, Gregers also included a design workshop for which the students were split in to five groups to design an energy efficient office atrium.

Interestingly, this year marks the 20-year anniversary, when Gregers' first came to UPM, namely in August of 1999 as an 1-semester exchange student from the Technical University of Denmark. It was during this student exchange that Gregers first gained his interest in energy efficiency in tropical buildings and made the contact that would eventually bring him back to Malaysia in a job for IEN Consultants. Back in 1999, energy simulation of buildings was something new, which generated good amount of interest in Malaysia. To mark Gregers 20-year anniversary with UPM - first as a student and now as a guest lecturer - Gregers' student report "Energy Simulations for Buildings in Malaysia" will be made available for download. This report documents the origins of the Malaysian Test Reference Year (TRY) weather file, namely from Gregers' statistical treatment of 21 years of hourly weather data measured at Subang airport. The TRY weather file is still used in Malaysia for energy simulation today 20 years later.

UPM Faculty of Architecture (click).

"Energy Simulation of Buildings in Malaysia", 1999 report by Gregers Reimann (click).

Gregers' 20-year UPM anniversary.


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