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Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital

Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital

The rehabilitation hospital was constructed to replace the Lady Templer Hospital on its 50.1 acre site in Cheras. This dedicated facility is a pioneer provider of comprehensive rehabilitation services in Malaysia. Beyond the usual outpatient and in-patient facilities, this hospital provides training and research in rehabilitation and disability management.

This 166-bed hospital development includes staff accommodation and has the capacity to be expanded to 300 beds in the future.

This hospital was likely the first government hospital in Malaysia that included a requirement for the building to achieve a target energy efficiency when completed and operational. In the JKR Tender Needs Statement, it was specifed that the building shall achieve a BEI (Building Energy Intensity) of no more than 150kWH/m2*year when normalized to 2800hrs of operation each year.

Building Energy Intensity or BEI is an energy efficiency metric used to compare the energy usage of non-residential buildings in Malaysia. BEI is calculated based on the total energy usage of the entire building, excluding car park energy usage divided by the gross floor area of the building, also excluding the car park areas.

In designing for energy efficiency for this hospital, we worked on optimizing several key areas including designing for a well insulated building envelope, increasing access to daylighting, optimizing ways to precool and dehumidify the large volumes of outdoor air, as well ensuring an efficient chiller plant is selected.

Innovative Sustainability Features

Well insulated building envelope - Roof with 100mmTHK Rockwool insulation, 150THK Aerated Autoclave Block walls, Low-E Glazing
Lightshelves incorporated into punch-window design
Variable air volume (VAV) air delivery system where operation permits
Energy recovery system for humidity control using Heat Pipe system
High efficiency motors (Class 1) for ACMV system
Energy Management System for energy monitoring and trendlogging
Chiller plant effiiency that is 15% better than MS 1525:2007 recommendations

Certifications & Awards

1st Government hospital targeting energy efficiency design and operations


Project Location:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
34,446sqm, 166 beds
Project Team:
Client: Ministry of Health Malaysia (Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia)
Developer: Department of Public Works Malaysia (Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia)
Contractor: Konsortium Gadang Perenbum
Architect: Perunding Alam Bina Sdn Bhd
M&E Consultant: PE Associates Sdn Bhd
IEN Project Team Members:
Project Size:
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