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Hospital Pendang

Hospital Pendang

The proposed new 126 bedded Pendang Hospital in Kedah shall be designed and constructed to achieve the CIDB MyCREST (Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool) 1-Star rating for Design and Construction stages.

The certification of the hospital started off at its concept design stage and is aligned with the Ministry of Health's goal to green all its new and existing hospitals. This is done to ensure a reduced environmental footprint both in terms of the resources necessary to build the medical facility as well as the resources necessary to operate it. The building features enhancements in design that would improve the overall comfort and indoor environmental quality of the building, avoiding risk of Sick Building Syndrome and improving occupant productivity.

The construction is scheduled to be completed in December 2021.

Innovative Sustainability Features

Use of sustainabile façade materials including Greencon concrete blocks with 2-3 times lower heat transmittance, reducing building cooling load.
Low OTTV of only 22W/m2
Radiant heat barrier to reduce heat gain through the roof, providing a roof U-value of 0.59W/m2K
Lighting zoning with separate switches for all perimeter and multi-zone occupied spaces to reduce lighting energy wastage
A 3,875,2 on-site retention pond to reduce the impacts of stormwater run-off.
Low-Flow Water Fittings
Water and Energy Sub-Metering

Certifications & Awards

MyCrest 1 Star Certification


Project Location:
Kedah, Malaysia
38,708sqm, 126 beds
Project Team:
Client: Orangebeam Construction Sdn.Bhd
Developer: Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Contractor: Orangebeam Construction Sdn.Bhd
Architect: Arqhitect NIA
M&E Consultant: AYA Engineer Sdn.Bhd
IEN Project Team Members:
Sheena Moses
Tan Khim Bok
Project Size:
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