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Hospital Putrajaya

Hospital Putrajaya

Putrajaya Hospital is a Malaysian government-owned public hospital in the administrative region of Putrajaya. Originally founded in 1998, this hospital has 369 beds.

Hospital Putrajaya started sustainability program in 2010s and pursuing LEED v4 O+M existing building certification in 2020, certified in August 2021 with 81 points in LEED v4 O+M rating which is Platinum-rated, highest level possible

Innovative Sustainability Features

1. An energy star rating of 100 is achieved, making the hospital a top performer under the Energy Star Portfolio Manager with an Energy Utilization Index (EUI) of 2.57GJ/m² compared to the national median EUI of 5.3GJ/m2.
2. Building energy management system with tracking and monitoring of energy consumption.
3. Protect and restore over 31% of the site area with native or adapted vegetation
4. 40.6 % reduction in indoor water use over EPA baseline with the use of efficient fittings.
5. 65 % reduction in outdoor water use over baseline with the installation of the RWH system, plant selection and efficient irrigation system.

Certifications & Awards

LEED v4 O+M Platinum Certification (Highest rated)


Project Location:
Putrajaya, Malaysia
Existing Building completed 1998
LEED O+M v4 completed 2021
Project Team:
Client: Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Facility Management: Radicare Sdn Bhd
LEED Consultant: IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd
IEN Project Team Members:
Austin Lim
Tan Chin Hong
Project Size:
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