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IKEA Batu Kawan

IKEA Batu Kawan

IKEA Batu Kawan is the first IKEA lifestyle furniture store in the North. It is part of the ASPEN Vision City, a joint venture development between ASPEN & IKANO. This mixed development has high development density of 157,000 ft2/acre.

After fine-tuning of all building energy systems by Soma Technical (CxS) & IEN Consultants, IKEA Batu Kawan managed to achieve an annualized BEI of 156 kWh/m2/year, 50% better than a typical retail building in Malaysia.

As IKEA has specific requirements for building envelope thermal performance as part of their global design conditions, the window area on building facade is limited, however skylights are provided in order to have visual connection to outdoors & daylight to minimize use of artificial lighting.

IKEA Batu Kawan successfully achieved Gold rating for both LEED & GBI Certification.

Innovative Sustainability Features

Low heat transfer through building envelope & roof to reduce cooling load:
OTTV: 5.87 W/m2
RTTV: 2.57 W/m2
Roof U-value: 0.2 W/m2K
1,300 kWp of solar PV system, equivalent to 24% of total building energy consumption
Chiller efficiency of 0.7 kW/RT
CO2 level monitoring with CO2 sensor to modulate the fresh air supply
Extensive use of industrialized building system (IBS) for structural works
Proper waste management during construction stage (> 75% of waste were diverted away from landfill)
Rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing & AC water make-up
Use of low-flow fixtures & water efficient dual-flush water closet
Real time monitoring of energy & water usage data (educational display)
Use of non-chemical water treatment system
Use of automatic condenser tube cleaning system
Use of dynamic chilled water balancing & modulating valve (PIBCV) to control & balance flow of chilled water

Certifications & Awards

GBI Non-Residential New Construction (NRNC) Retail Gold
LEED v4 New Construction (NC) Retail Gold


Project Location:
Penang, Malaysia
Project Team:
Client: IKANO Penang Sdn Bhd
Contractor: Kajima Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Architect: Rekawasan Arkitek
M&E Consultant: Han Associates Group Sdn Bhd
IEN Project Team Members:
Tan Khim Bok, Gunaseelan Bhaskaran, Sandra Shim
Project Size:
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