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PARAMIT - factory in the forest

PARAMIT - factory in the forest

The Paramit Factory in Penang is a new factory for Paramit Malaysia, who provides fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and post-manufacturing services to medical device and instrument companies. The project consists of an 11,261.5m2 of factory and warehouse space, and a 1,684.5m2 office block located at the Penang Science Park in Batu Kawan, Penang. The theme of the project is “Factory in the Forest”.

The Paramit Factory in the Forest in a multi-award winning and highly energy efficient factory located in the Penang Science Park, Malaysia. The factory has achieved a measured 45% savings compared to the old factory.

The cardinal sustainable design principles were energy efficiency, water efficiency, daylighting and biophilia – the fundamental human need for a connection to Nature. The site is conceived as a forest that penetrates, surrounds and steps over the building creating maximum contact with nature - green, breeze, scent, sound, and touch.

The building was carefully designed to shield against the hot, glary and unwanted tropical sun, while allowing soft, diffuse natural daylight to filter into the building.

Innovative Sustainability Features

Biophilia design
Design of highly efficient radiant chilled slab system
Lighting design and a lighting control system depending on daylight and occupancy.
Computer optimization of the integrated design concept for architectural and M&E systems.
Design of saw-tooth passive daylighting system
Design of the energy management system for monitoring and optimization.
Design of a rain water harvesting system.
Thermal insulation system in the facade, floor and the roof.

Certifications & Awards

LEAF Award 2017, Winner
FutreArc Green Leadership Award 2018, Winner
Malaysia National
Energy Awards 2019, Runner Up
ASEAN Energy Awards 2019, 1st Runner Up
WorldGBC Asia Pavific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2020, Winner


Project Location:
Simpang Ampat, Malaysia
Project Team:
Client: Paramit Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Contractor: South Island Building
Architect: Design Unit
M&E Consultant: Perunding Eagles Engineers
IEN Project Team Members:
Gregers Reimann
Joshua Chia
Tan Khim Bok
Michael Hirning
Project Size:
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