Shell Station Taman Connaught

Shell Station Taman Connaught

In 2017, Shell announced its mission to achieve 50% reduction in the carbon intensity of its retail fuel stations. In line with the mission, Shell embarked on the journey to obtain GBI certifications for their retail fuel stations, started with the Shell Damansara Jaya and Shell Taman Connaught in 2018. The stations were then awarded with the GBI certification in 1Q of 2019. These 2 stations have served as a good training ground and reference for Shell on how to create a more environmental friendly and sustainable retail fuel station for their future retrofiting projects in Malaysia.

Innovative Sustainability Features

Utilizing the entire roof area of the pump canopy for installation of 58.14 kWp of solar PV system.
Reduce solar heat gain from building envelop by painting all the exterior walls in white colour and the roof in light grey.
Digitalize energy usage data by installating Energy Monitoring System (EMS). What that, it helps to increase visibility of their energy consumption and enable quicker respond to consumption anomalies.
Replacing old inefficinet water fittings with highly water efficient water fittings and waterless urinal.
Changing old T8 fluorescent lights to LED type for major parts of the convenient store.

Certifications & Awards

GBI Certified - Non Residential Existing Building
1st Fuel Retail station to achieve GBI Certification


Project Location:
Cheras, Malaysia
Existing building
Project Team:
Client: Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd
Contractor: Mainhardt EPCM Sdn Bhd
IEN Project Team Members:
Project Size: