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Sarah Salim


Sarah holds a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from The University of Melbourne. As her chosen degree stems from the holistic realm of art and design, her undergraduate education equipped her with invaluable skills in the principles and applications of sustainable design. Building upon this foundation, she further pursued a Master’s degree in Architecture and the Sustainable Environment from the University of Kent, complimented by the attainment of a BREEAM Associate certification.

In 2023, Sarah joined IEN Consultants Sdn. Bhd., where she continuously refines her skills and broadens her knowledge as a sustainability consultant. She has been involved in diverse projects, including data centres, hospitals, office buildings, and warehouses throughout her tenure. Sarah firmly believes that fostering circularity and sustainable practices in the built environment, not only preserves the health of the earth but also enhances the wellbeing of (us) occupants, without compromise.

Selected Experiences


BDes Architecture (The University of Melbourne, Australia)
MSc Architecture and the Sustainable Environment (University of Kent, UK)


BREEAM Associate


Publications & Papers Presented

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