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Simon Laporte

Sustainability consultant

Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering from Aarhus University, Denmark, as well as a master’s in Architectural Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.) from Technical University of Denmark. Throughout his studies Simon wasinvolved in developing cutting edge algorithms for digital collaboration in the construction industry.

After graduation in 2022 Simon moved to Malaysia working as a structural design engineer & computational designer at Ramboll Malaysia (Formerly known as Web Structures). Here he was leading the structural design of a major hotel refurbishment project, along with other projects such as a hotel with innovative doubly curved Glu-lam design, unorthodox building geometries, a fast-track data center and a 14m spanning dome made from paper. Every project pushing the envelope of what is structurally possible.

In early 2024 Simon made the transition to sustainable design and switched to IEN. Here he is focusing on developing sustainable building concepts through simulation and building physics, breaking problems down to core parameters to get the best design solution for every building.

Selected Experiences


M.Sc. Architectural Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

B.Sc. Architectural Engineering, Aarhus University



Publications & Papers Presented

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