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IEN Consultants in Malaysia is currently seeking for interns in the field of green buildings (e.g architects & engineers related to the built environment). We are looking for energetic, motivated, and passionate interns who are excited to embark the 3-6 months of learning experience with us. The intern will be exposed to the fundamentals of green building consultancy as well as exploring new exciting ideas in respect to the holistic sustainability principles of our built environment.

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2023, June-October

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"I had the chance to do a 4-month internship with IEN Consultants. It was an opportunity for me to adapt and develop in a foreign country, but also to gain valuable professional experience.
I was involved in the energy and thermal design of buildings, and in lighting design on certain projects. I was able to contribute to simulations and develop my skills in energy simulation using the IES software and in natural ventilation using the Computational Fluid Dynamics Simscale software. Finally, this internship helped me greatly to improve my English language skills.

I received a warm welcome from the company. Everyone in the company gave me their support and helped me to achieve each of my projects. They also included me as a member of the company, thanks in particular to the many activities offered by the company. They introduced me to the Malaysian way of life and culture. I would like to thank Mr Gregers Reimann for giving me the opportunity to do this internship and for supporting me throughout this experience, as well as every member of the company.

Thanks IEN Consultants for this wonderful experience."

Mathieu Testan

M.Sc. Engineering

Reunion Island and Indian Ocean Engineering School (ESIROI), France

2023, April-August

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"I had the privilege of joining IEN Consultants on a 4-and-a-half-month internship journey, which was an exceptional and enriching experience. I learned more about sustainable building practices, green building certifications, and energy efficiency technologies. I discovered local practices related to Malaysia's climate. I contributed to various projects, including analyzing building performance, simulating innovative technologies, and meeting clients. I learned to use specialized software and tools to assess energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and optimization. I developed a solid foundation for applying sustainable design principles and technical solutions in real-world scenarios. I had the opportunity to go to sites and participate in conferences, which was very interesting. This internship illuminated the pivotal role of engineering and consulting in the green building sector, igniting a strong passion within me for this field.

My supervisor and the entire team placed their trust in me, granting me the autonomy to work on projects independently and fostering my self-confidence. The supportive atmosphere among my colleagues ensured that I felt comfortable throughout my stay.

Beyond the professional aspect, my stay in Malaysia was amazing, allowing me to explore fascinating places. I wholeheartedly recommend IEN Consultants for internships that offer professional growth and a rich cultural experience."

Marine Guinée

M.Sc. Renewable
Energies, Sustainable Production and Construction.

ITM Mines Albi, France

2022, August to September

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"During my time in IEN, I have met incredible people and have enjoyed spending every moment with them. My time at IEN may be short, but I was given few interesting tasks for different projects. I mainly study on a storage facilities project as well as a study into Paramit’s ‘Factory in the Forest’. The storage facilities project was a great experience as it enabled me to visit the site and perform calculations to determine a way to reduce CO2 emissions and the total costs. Working closely with my supervisor and a colleague, I caught a glimpse into the life of sustainability consultancy. Thanks to the trust given by the supervisor, I was able to both work individually and as part of a project team. I would like to express my gratitude for the supervision and guidance given during my internship. My experience was precious, and I've gained so much insight into the environmentally sustainable design sector. The entire team was helpful, supportive and welcoming throughout my internship.

It was also great to be able to participate in many after-work activities. These were great places to have fun and socialize without having a workplace mindset. One of the highlights was the Friday knowledge sharing and the drinks thereafter. It was a perfect way to share our work and end the week on a positive, relaxing note. Thank you IEN for the wonderful internship experience."

Maxime Van Crombrugge

MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Aberdeen, UK

2020, June to September

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"I would say that this three-and-a-half-month long internship at IEN Consultants is by far the best experience I have ever gained. Not only I get to meet many amazing and bright minds but also the chance to further enhance my technical and soft skills as well as broaden my vision in the consultancy industry. The working environment in IEN Consultants is always very welcoming and relaxing as it just felt like home. It led me to understand the true meaning of work life balance as all colleagues are very friendly outside of work and I had the chance to socialize with them after working hours. I also have the sense of accomplishment during this internship as I was able to contribute to the company by assisting and completing tasks assigned to me. Not only was I able to learn from day-to-day work in the office but also from external meetings with other design teams. Through these meetings, I got to gain an insight of how a design meeting progresses. In short, I believe my internship at IEN Consultant has been a successful one and I could not be more thankful."

Siew Zhi Tao

MEng (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering

University of Manchester, UK

2019, May to September

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"I had the opportunity to join IEN Consultants in 2019 for a four months internship from May to September during my fourth year of engineering studies. This was my first working experience in a foreign country and the tasks I have done during my internship were exactly what I expected and perfectly suited my university course.

During these four months I had the opportunity to work on different projects and at different stages of the projects. My main tasks during this internship were about computer simulation of the thermal optimisation of naturally ventilated buildings, users comfort and PV studies. This was a great way for me to learn more about the company working methods and also to discover a new software (IES) that they use for their studies. Being involved in this kind of projects was a great way for me to use and develop my knowledge in thermal comfort and passive design.

I think that internships are the best way to learn because we are directly involved in projects. Working in IEN Consultants was the best internship experience that I was considered as a member of the company and not just an intern. On a personal point of view, my stay in Malaysia was very enriching and allowed me to meet new people with a different culture. Furthermore, I think that English is now mandatory for the engineers and this internship was a good opportunity to develop my skills.

Finally I would like to thank every IEN members for making my internship such a good experience."

Julien Eline

Sustainable Construction and Energy

Reunion Island and Indian Ocean Engineering School (ESIROI), France

2019, April to August

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"I had the opportunity to join IEN consultant on April 2019 for a 4 months intership and it has been a real opportunity that matched with my expectations. As my first working experience in a foreign country, I had the chance to be involved in some real projects that made me useful for the company and made my stay in Malaysia really interesting. In fact, the trust given by my supervisor and the team has been a chance to work on projects by myself and to be motivated and increased my self-confidence. My colleagues were willing to make my stay comfortable. Futhermore, it showed me that the engineering and consultancy have a big role in a green building company and provided me with a strong desire to work on this field. Furthermore, thanks to my supervisor, I attended numerous events arranged on really interesting subjects.

Staying in Malaysia was a real plesure and I had the opportunity to visit a lot of places. Finally, I highly recommend this company for an internship which is enriching from a professional but also cultural point of view."

Louise Rousseau

M.Sc. Engineering

ITM Mines Albi, France

2018, August

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"I have had the pleasure of working all the interesting and welcoming members of IEN Consultants over the one month of my internship. My main task during my short internship was to perform data analytics of the HVAC system in a building. My work involved familiarizing myself with a Building and Energy Management System, sorting, and analyzing raw data to identify issues with the HVAC system. Despite my inexperience with HVAC systems, I worked very closely with its project head, and with his guidance am able to identify issues and determine the root causes. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to experience several other projects, both completed and in progress, through site visits and by invitations to participate in meetings. I found these very interesting as I was able to see all the problems that arose in projects and their resulting solutions.

The major highlight of my internship was the Friday knowledge sharing sessions. These are a weekly companies news summary but mashed together with interesting skill and knowledge-based presentations, ranging from the latest developments in the tech field to the application process for green certifications.

Thank you IEN for the wonderful month I spent with all of you! "

Xin-Ian Chiam

Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

University of Bath, UK

2017, May to August

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"On a professional point of view, my 4 months internship within IEN Consultants has been a real opportunity that matched with my expectations. As a first working experience in a foreign country, I have been involved in real projects that appeared useful for the company and made my stay in Malaysia really stimulating. Indeed, I had the chance to work on projects by myself and the trust given by my supervisor encouraged and motivated me to make a decent contribution to the company and increased my self-confidence. Moreover, it has strengthened my idea of the engineering and consultancy role in a green building company and provided me with a stronger willingness to work on this field.

The total immersion in an English-speaking atmosphere is also quite important for the future in the sense that a respectable English-speaking level is not an option for our carrier especially nowadays where the world is interconnected and English allow us to be more flexible in term of opportunities. Through this internship I have been able to use the skills and knowledge learned during my studies and especially learn more about passive design techniques, energy simulations and I have got the opportunity to improve my skills in Virtual Basic on a real program which will be quite useful for the company.

On a personal point of view, I really enjoyed my stay in Malaysia where I visited a lot of places. The natives are quite friendly and I met very interesting people, especially at work, where my colleagues were personally invested to make my stay comfortable. I could discover a new culture and a different way of life compared to the European model. Finally, I would like to say that I highly recommend this company for an internship."

Victor Virot

M.Sc. Engineering

Reunion Island and Indian Ocean Engineering School (ESIROI), France

2017, April to June

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"I came to IEN in April 2017 and joined the team for three months. I am a civil engineering student in my final master semester at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. The focus of my studies is based on constructional engineering and sustainable design. I had the pleasure to work with very focused, helpful and overall funny colleagues who made the stay such a great experience. It felt like all the tasks were suited for my needs and interests. During the internship I mainly dealt with the challenges of Life Cycle Assessments in Malaysia and did several case studies referring building materials and their consequences due to environmental impacts. I pointed out the importance of dealing with several environmental impacts which was underlined by LCA calculations, showing the impacts for every life cycle stage in a project. I compared different building structures, did some research for possible future solutions and was given the opportunity to participate in workshops hold by LEED. I was given the opportunity to deal with current projects as well as projects from the past which gave me a great overview. Furthermore I was able to have a look in other, for me unknown, fields to extend my knowledge in sustainable buildings. After the internship I can highly recommended IEN as I personally noticed that I have learned several things – on the specialist basis as well as on my personal basis. Everyone is willing to make your stay comfortable which strengthens the working environment. Thanks IEN for that valuable experience!"

Alexander Graul

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Technical University of Damstadt, Germany

2016, June

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"My IEN internship mainly involved working on a research project on wellbeing in Asian schools. The wellbeing aspect was part of a sustainability compass designed to measure, compare, and point at a number of ways to improve the sustainability of schools in Asia. As a high school student, I got immediately interested in the research topic. Having kept a keen eye on sustainability, I tended to look into the environmental aspect of it the most, but IEN got me to consider another perspective on that, directing the research at the impact of building design on mental and physical health. My favourite part of the work was a gradual shift from not being quite sure what to do to finding a way to accomplish the research objectives to finally coming up with ways of quantifying largely qualitative data needed to assess the wellbeing, which I have barely done before. I believe that a project, even a short-term like mine, appeared to be successful mainly because of all the support I received in IEN and the environment in this company, bringing out the best of me and pushing me to delve into something I haven't quite considered before."

Anya Mushakevich

International Baccalaureate

United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

2016, July to August

IEN Man Grey.png

"My internship at IEN was more than I could ever hope for. I could clearly see great thought had been given to what I would be involved in, as all my time truly felt it was tailored to my interests, aspects I had recently studied but also a welcome introduction of many new and diverse areas. I was exposed to numerous opportunities to learn, develop and apply skills, letting me flourish and immerse myself in this field. As an intern at IEN, I felt incredibly involved. I managed to work on a various range of projects like KLIA2 Airport, setting up new Laser Eggs, analysing TNB energy usage within the company, writing an article for Green Plus Magazine as well as accessing exciting software. The diversity of these projects resulted in a well-rounded exercise of different skills from data handling to research and presenting. The value of these skills learnt and practiced is immeasurable and I am certain they will go a long way for me and my future. The office itself is filled with amazing role models and mentors who have taught me so much. I walked in and was made to feel part of the team straightaway. A memorable highlight was an invite to an Open House at the ST Diamond building, one of IENs prestigious projects. There, I was able to witness business and local Malaysian culture merge in a truly memorable event. Through IEN, I was also given opportunities to get involved with like-minded people in the community at an MESYM event. Mondays were actually looked forward to with evening sports to enjoy and Friday's were a great end to the week with a lunch outing, fantastic knowledge sharing and afternoon games. The office had fun and friendly environment where I was able to quickly settle and now will surely miss. There is so much I am taking away from this experience. Not only an insight into the diverse, and important projects being handled but witnessing the work ethics, the working environment and everyone's commitment to a team player work culture. My time at IEN was truly inspiring and was an opportunity like no other thanks to the incredibly supportive staff creating a valuable and enriching experience."

Aisha Khan

Degree in Geography

University of Lancaster, UK

2016, April to July

IEN Man Grey.png

"As a three months internship I had the pleasure to work with IEN Consultants, which has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in energy efficiency and sustainable building design. I am a Civil Engineering student in my final master semester at the University of Darmstadt (Germany) with specialization in facility management, solid construction, sustainable design and green building. During my internship I took part in different meetings, workshops and had the opportunity to visit completed projects to gain an insight into sustainable and green building design in Malaysia. For a few of these existing buildings I analyzed the data (measurements of energy, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, light levels) using excel and learned to use pivot tables for the big quantities of data. I got an impression of the different green building rating systems in Malaysia and tried out Radiance IES a detailed 3D simulation tool designed to predict daylight and glare analyses.

I had a pleasant time in Malaysia, enriched through my colleagues who were very welcoming and friendly throughout my stay. I really liked the working environment in this company and would definitely recommend an inernship here if you are interested in green building and sustainable design."

Julia Akamov

B.Sc. Civil Engineering

Technical University of Damstadt, Germany

2015, June to December

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"It was a pleasure interning for IEN Consultants, the firm is small enough to foster a real sense of community, yet large and specialised enough to be a leading green building consultancy in Malaysia. My colleagues were friendly and helpful, and it was a pleasure to be at work every day. As a graduate in economics I was able to contribute to other aspects of the business. Economics is much more than just finance, during my time at IEN Consultants I was able to write four articles on environmental economics. Such as, the cost of negative externalities from fossil fuels or congestion in Malaysia. These have now been published in the largest Malaysian English newspaper and the leading Malaysian green-business magazine. This has reinforced the image that IEN Consultants is much more than just another consultancy firm, but a firm which truly wants to make the world greener!

Furthermore, during my six months living in Malaysia, I was able to attend numerous events arranged by the Malaysia Danish Business Council. From this, I have also been able to learn about the business culture in Malaysia and to really first-hand experience the art of business."

Mickey Chu Jensen

B.Sc. Economics

University of St Andrews, UK

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