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1st LEED Gold IKEA

IKEA Cheras Store located in Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur becomes the 1st IKEA Store in the world to achieve LEED 2009 for Retail – New Construction GOLD certification.

The IKEA Cheras store opened its doors for business in November 2015 and was the 2nd IKEA Store to open in Malaysia, after IKEA Damansara.

In March 2018, IEN Consultants successfully helped Ikano achieve LEED GOLD certification for its IKEA Store in Cheras. From early on in the design stage, Ikano had set a goal for this IKEA store to be more energy efficient, more water efficient and more sustainable compared to the existing stores in South East Asia. Hence, IEN Consultants was employed as the energy efficiency and sustainability design consultants to steer the project towards this goal.

In achieving LEED Gold certification, this IKEA Store has among other sustainability related achievements, demonstrated the following:

  1. 24.5% energy cost reductions

  2. 13% energy used generated from roof mounted Solar PV

  3. Potable water reductions of approximately 45%

  4. Process water reductions of almost 65%

  5. Zero use of potable water for landscape irrigation – achieved through smart selection of plants and use of non-potable rainwater as well as recycled greywater.

  6. More than 20% recycled content in building materials (by value)

  7. More than 30% of the building materials sourced from within 500miles


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