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250 activities for "Go Green SG"

IEN is happy to see one of our projects included in this year's public engagement program "Go Green SG" with more than 250 green activities throughout Singapore during the month of July 2023. The initiative is led by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) with the declared goal of "rallying citizens, organisations, and the community to take collective action towards a more environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient Singapore".

The Go Green SG initiatives draws on collaboration with more than 100 partners such as government agencies, corporates, non-governmental organisations, community and interest groups, and schools. These partners are in charge of organising a multitude of different activities under the Go Green SG initiative, the main categories being:

  • Tours (Guided tours to learn more about Singapore’s sustainability efforts)

  • Workshops & Talks (Hands-on experiences and dialogues)

  • Events (Sustainability-themed day out with family and friends)

  • Retail, Dining and Deals (Shop and dine sustainably)

  • Challenges (Sustainability-themed challenges with a chance to win prizes)

  • Initiatives (Green lifestyle challenges)

Several of the activities are free of charge, whereas other come at a fee. Check it out and sign up here:

On 15 July 2023, Go Green SG is organising a tour to IEN's project at NUS, see details below:

Join this exclusive behind the scenes tour to visit the sustainable developments on the NUS campus. These include Singapore’s first purpose-built Net-Zero Energy (NZE) building designed to be climate responsive, energy efficient, and consume as much energy as it creates. It features a host of sustainable designs including solar roof installations, a hybrid cooling system, innovative ventilation systems, as well as architectural structures that provide much-needed shade in Singapore’s tropical climate. Check out how learning and collaborative spaces have been rejuvenated and retrofitted with innovative features for improved energy efficiency.


If the tour is oversubscribed, check out the NUS SDE1&3 project details here:


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