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Bicycle Errand Challenge

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Ahead of the World Bicycle Day (3 June), we asked all our staff to do an errand by bicycle, instead of using the car. And to tell us about their experiences!

Each of their accounts are captured below. In short, people generally enjoyed using the bicycle, if only it would be safer. So, this is a call for better bicycle infrastructure in Malaysia. If you build it, we will use it!

Here are the accounts of the IEN staff:

It turned out that some of the IEN staff did not own a bicycle and/or did not know how to bicycle, so we organised a joint coffee break excursion with two electric cargobikes that could take up to 3 passengers.

This was good fun and quite an experience for those who had never tried such bicycles before:

The low environmental impact of bicycling is illustrated in this graphic:

In fact, in our article posted yesterday, we showed that the fuel cost of using an electric bicycle is 95% lower than for a petrol car in Malaysia; see article:

In the month leading up to World Bicycle Day, we have shot two videos of staff bicycling to work. One by regular folding bicycle, and one as a passenger on the electric cargobike:

Unfortunately, as the videos show, bicycling is not yet a realistic option for most people in Malaysia, due to the lack of proper bicycling infrastructure that makes it safe. This is a shame, because in the words of Dan Jorgensen:

How's that for a call for action for World Bicycle Day!


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