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Clean Power, New Energy

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

IEN conducted a 1-day workshop at the Clean Power, New Energy 2021 conference about the 100% transition to renewable energy. We collaborating the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) for the workshop, which had the following program (13 Oct 2021):

09:30 AM

Introduction to Energy Transition

10.50 AM

Step-by-step transition methodology for Energy Transition

11.50 AM

Case study – World

02:30 PM

Case study – Malaysia

03:30 PM

Discussion & Recommendations

The conference was organised by CT Event Asia. Sign up here:

Download the workshop slides here. The introduction slides:

The energy transition slides incl. studies of how the World and Malaysia can transition to 100% renewable energy:

The poll results during the workshop are included in the Workshop 2 slides above.

Several of the above workshop slides are from the detailed energy transmission study "Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries" from 2019. Download study here:

As well as from the websites of Tony Seba ( and Prof. Mark Z. Jacobsen (

In addition, Mr. Ibrahim Ariffin (SEDA) has kindly allowed us to share the slides he showed on the renewable energy landscape in Malaysia:

He also shared this interesting link showing the real-time and historic energy mix of the electric power in the TNB power-grid in peninsula Malaysia; see screendump:


Summing up after the workshop

We were please to get a positive feedback from the delegates and their keen request for the slides, hence, making the slides available for download (above). Due to Covid-19, the conference was held entirely online. Nevertheless, we successfully managed to have several informal discussions / Q&A sessions throughout the workshop, which worked quite well and saw quite good engagement with the delegates. Especially at the very end, where the final Q&A session lasted more than an hour. In the end, we had to tell the delegates that time was up, or else we could have kept going for much longer.

This 1-day workshop added the following important points to the main conference held the day before, namely:

  • Showing that transition to 100% renewable energy is feasible and affordable

  • Highlighting the true cost of fossil fuels, which is not factored into the energy planning of many countries, including Malaysia. For example refer to slide no. 41 (Workshop 2 slide deck), which shows the true cost of energy for business-as-usual (BAU) versus a Wind-Water-Solar (WWS) energy system, aka a 100% renewable energy system:

Interestingly, the biggest costs of the energy system is not the energy cost of the fossil fuel consumption itself, but the costs that the burning of these fossil fuels incur on human health and the environment. And as discussed during the workshop Q&A, SEDA confirmed that these health and climate costs are not currently taken into account when undertaking energy planning in Malaysia.

  • The land area needed for transitioning to 100% renewable energy is minimal (less 1% of the land area). NB. Our poll#1 showed a big misconception among the participants, the majority of whom thought that about 30% land area was required

  • The payback time for transitioning to 100% renewable energy is considerably shorter (less than two years) than what most people thought in the poll#1 where most people answered 10-20 years.


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