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Ditching the car & adopting utility cycling

IEN has been invited back to speak at the Malaysian Urban Forum (MUF). Gregers will join the panel discussion on the negative implications of Malaysia's current car-centric culture and city planning. The panel discussion will also address how adopting utility cycling & intermodal transportation can benefit the environment, social health, economy & the livability of our city.

Gregers Reimann (IEN) has been asked about what shifts in the economy can we expect to see from a large scale implementation of utility cycling infrastructure and policy on a city level? And interesting study from Gregers' hometown of Copenhagen, where more than half of the residents commute by bicycle found that everytime a person bicycles instead driving a car, they save society RM4.50 per km (USD1). So, by commuting 5 km by bicycle (aka 10 km per day) would save society RM45 (USD10). The savings are mostly health related, such as reducing the strain on the national health service, improving the productive employees, reducing sick leave, and extending life expectancy.

The 1-hour panel discussion takes place on Wednesday (8 Sept.) at noon. Join this and other events at MUF (6-8 Sept. 2021) free of charge at this link:


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