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Efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings (IEA training program)

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

IEN is delighted to have been invited by the International Energy Agency (IEA) to assist with conducting the upcoming 3-day training program on efficient grid-interactive buildings. IEN will both be a moderator for the afternoon break-out session (5 July 2022) as well as conducting a side event on "Low Energy Buildings with Energy Storage" (6 July 2022).

IEN will show case studies of buildings that have been designed to be both very energy efficient and making use of local energy storage. Buildings that combine energy efficiency and flexible grid demand are well suited for a low-carbon world, where much of the energy comes from intermittent renewable energy sources. The energy storage technologies are the combination of thermal and electrical storage. The low energy design examples include passive architecture, such as topical office buildings with almost 100% daylight autonomy, as well as active design solutions such as thermally activated building systems, energy recovery and phase change materials.  

View or download IEN's presentation slides here:


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