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Energy Efficiency - myth or reality?

IEN was invited to give a talk about energy efficiency. Is it a myth - or a reality? Of course, it's a reality! In fact, the more than 40% of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will come from energy efficiency over next twenty years, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

During the presentation, 3 polls were conducted to engage the participants. The presentation and the poll results can be viewed and downloaded here:

The presentation has several case studies of:

  • Highly energy efficient building projects with 2/3 energy savings (excluding contribution from solar panels)

  • Highly energy efficient office lighting systems designed successfully for glare-free daylighting, reducing measured lighting consumption by a factor 25

  • Highly efficient split air-conditioners with a COP higher than 10 (prototypes developed under the Global Cooling Prize and becoming commercially available in a couple of years)

  • Highly efficient mechanisms to make the energy efficiency the natural choice.

No wonder the IEA calls energy efficiency the "first fuel".


Thanks to the organisers The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) and Schneider Electric for making this webinar happen.

And it was a pleasure to share the stage with the other speakers. The full list being:

  • Ir. Jack Chan, NK Engineers Sdn Bhd

  • Ch'ng Eng Yong, Schneider Electric Malaysia

  • Gregers Reimann, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd and moderated by:

  • Ir. Kok Yen-Kwan, The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM)

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