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First 13 steps of 1 million

Yesterday at the malaysiaGBC annual dinner, we celebrated a new milestone for the decarbonisation of the building sector. At the presence of YB Nik Nazmi (Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability), the first 13 CarbonScore certificates were awarded to Malaysian building projects:

In his speech, the CEO of malaysiaGBC, Mitch Gelber, stated the vision of having 1 million or more buildings certified with CarbonScore. In fact, ideally all buildings will undergo CarbonScore certification, which is easy, quick and in-expensive to undertake, largely based on self-reporting by the building owner. Refer to registration and submission details on the official CarbonScore website:

The goal of CarbonScore is to evaluate the total lifecycle carbon footprint of buildings, verified through various documentation such as monthly bills for energy, water and waste generation, as well as documentation of the building materials, structural and facade systems. The final score of the CarbonScore certificate is determined from the buildings lifecycle decarbonisation performance in relation to that of an average Malaysian building.

As part of the CarbonScore technical committee, IEN Consultants was happy to see the certification scheme come to fruition. We look forward to commence the CarbonScore roadshow and to keep refining the CarbonScore scheme in the years to come.


At yesterday's event, it was also notable that Minister Nik Nazmi confirmed the Malaysian governments decision to stick with the 2050 target of Malaysia becoming a carbon-neutral nation. Moreover, TNB communicated their continued commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050, by screening this video (click). Both of these national zero carbon targets means that we rapidly need to accelerate the decarbonisation of the Malaysian building sector!


Some photos from the malaysiaGBC annual dinner held at Sheraton Hotel, 2 July 2024:


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