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Free Hot Chocolate from Sun-baked Industrial Roof

In this project, we turned a poorly insulated factory roof to our advantage - getting free heat for the chocolate manufacturing and using thermal colour changing paint to visually show the energy recovery architecturally.

For this project, we had an excellent collaboration with the architectural designer, Dr. Kody Kato, ODE (, who was keen to explore innovative ideas of how to push energy efficiency in this poorly insulated manufacturing building. The most interesting design being the capture of free solar heat for the melting of chocolate in this industrial production process.

We shot at thermographic time-lapse of the internal factory roof ceiling temperature and found that it was hot enough to heat almost 8 tonnes of chocolate per year:

The full article is only available for subscribers - or by purchasing the hard copy of the FuturArc magazine (issue 2Q 2022), available in bookshops end of June 2022.


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