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Green Building Record!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

It was a proud moment for IEN, when GBI presented a record 10 green building certifications for our Parcel F project in Putrajaya. At the ceremony on 13 Dec 2023, the GBI Chairman Abu Zarim Abu Bakar presented the ten certificates to Pn. Zaidatul Ahmad Zubel (PjH) in attendence with the Sunway Construction contractor. Not only was this most green building certificates that GBI has given out in one go, all ten certificates were also of the highest level of green building certification, namely 2 GBI Platinum and 8 GBI Gold. In fact, we managed to over-deliver and upgrade two of the building projects from Gold to Platinum certification - another cause for celebration!

Having been appointed as the green building consultants for this project in 2013, IEN Consultants saw the project through and successfully delivered the targeted GBI certification 10 years later, somemore, with myself and several other colleagues working on this project throughout this past decade.

The client, Pn. Zaidatul Ahmad Zubel (PjH), was full of praise for the finalised project, stating that building occupants much appreciated the pleasant indoor environment of the green rated buildings, the subject of envie from others. Moreover, 60% measured energy savings helped the client to achieve significantly lower energy bills:

For more information, refer to the Parcel F project page:

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