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Green Property Trends

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

IEN has been invited to give the talk "Property Market: Top 5 green trends" at the MARC 360 webinar at 10 am (6 Oct 2020). The building sector has the biggest and cheapest greenhouse gas emission saving potential and will therefore play a key role in the low-carbon transition across the World. In Malaysia, the government launched a Low Carbon Cities program in 2014, whose implementation needs to be accelerated. The theme of the seminar is “Environmental and Sustainable Trends in the Property Sector” and will include speakers from Vigeo (Juliette Macresy, head of issuer business) and MARC Risk Management Solutions (Milly Leong Soek Yee).

Webinar registration (click).

IEN presentation "5 Top Green Trends in the Property Market":

Event Program:


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