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Inchscape: Gardens of Imagination (book)

IEN was privileged to be joined by renowned landscape architect Inch, who presented highlights from his life's work captured in his first and recently published book "Inch: Gardens of Imagination".

The beautiful gardens - many of them show gardens (i.e. temporary garden installtions) - were absolutely beautiful. During his talk, it also became clear that Inch is also a talented architect of buildings - and when complimented by his beautiful gardens, the results are mesmerizing. The importance of beauty and connection to nature in our everyday lives is essential to our wellbeing as human beings. Our innate connection to Nature is commonly described as biophilia - and craft that Inch and his landscape consultancy Inchscape truly masters.

See photos from the Inch's talk at the IEN office on 23 August 2023:

The breadth of knowledge, wisdom and cultural understanding upon which Inch draws inspiration from is also truly amazing. Read more about his inspiring works in the 282-page book, which can be purchased directly from Inchscapes office through this email:


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