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KKB Community Garden Interview with Ng Seksan

From villain to role model - a fitting description of the remarkable story of the Kebun-Kebun Bangsar community garden, which despite being served with two eviction notices, has prevailed to become recognised as a role model community garden. Learn more in this 22-minute interview with co-founder Ng Seksan conducted on 2 August 2022 inside the Kebun-Kebun Bangsar community garden.

Many volunteers, including several from IEN Consultants, helped to design, plan, construct and administer this pioneering community garden project on the barren land below the high tension electric wire pylons in Bangsar. However, this highly successful community garden project, which is even featured as a place to visit in Lonely Planet Malaysia travel guidebook, has had a bumpy road due to complaints from a few neighbours. However, thanks to the wide support for Kebun-Kebun Bangsar including within the residents association, in mid-July 2022 the Kuala Lumpur city council (DBKL) gave permission for continued operation of the community garden after conducting a stakeholders meeting. Moreover, Kebun-Kebun Bangsar was listed in the Local Agenda 21 (LA21) program, hence, effectively becoming a role model of a community garden for Malaysia KL city council planning, truly a remarkable story!

INTRO highlights

0:03 Introducing Ng Seksan and history of the community garden

0:47 Lonely Planet Malaysia travel book listing of Kebun-Kebun Bangsar

1:25 Red Notice (eviction notice)

2:31 Early vision

3:08 The 10 principles

INTERVIEW highlights:

3:41 Seksan explains how the turbulence of Kebun-Kebun Bangsar began

4:47 The community engagements in 2016 (design stage)

5:37 3D model of entire land (3 plots of land)

7:10 Gaining the support of the residents committee for the middle land (plot 2)

8:36 Kebun-Kebun Bangsar now used in sales material for properties in the neighbourhood

11:15 Animals controversy - and why animals are seen to be essential to Kebun-Kebun Bangsar

19:12 Seksan's vision for then next 100 community gardens in Malaysian cities


A special thanks to Suwan Bonma (IEN) for putting this video incl. visuals so nicely together.


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