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Launch of the malaysiaGBC Carbon Score (MCS)

IEN was very pleased to take part in the soft launch of the malaysiaGBC Carbon Score on Saturday, 27th November 2021 as sub-committee members of both the Energy and Transportation scoring labels.

The launch, which was held in conjunction with the World Green Building Council's Advancing Net Zero project was officiated by Ms. Dominika Czerwinska, Director of Engagement & Networks, WGBC, with opening remarks from Ir. Dr. Cary Chan, Chair of the Asia Pacific Regional Network, WGBC. The launch of the Carbon Score sets Malaysia as only the 15th nation to launch a GBC net zero certification scheme out of 156 commitment signatories worldwide.

The MCS was launched by Ms. Dominika Czerwinska, Director, Engagement & Networks, WorldGBC

Gregers Reimann & Sheena Moses of IEN form part of the Energy and Transport Sub-Committee on the MCS Taskforce

Other building schemes around the World advancing Net Zero

The malaysiaGBC Carbon Score is a comprehensive assessment protocol designed to measure the carbon footprint of both new and existing Malaysian buildings, with an aim to accelerate the decarbonization of the Malaysian Built Environment. The tool, upon finalization shall apply localized carbon factors and baselines that assess a project's overall carbon footprint according to five key subcategories that is - Energy, Materials, Transport, Waste and Emissions Offsets. The MCS will be developed in line with national standards for carbon reporting and management and references guidelines from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) accounting standards where applicable.

The malaysiaGBC Carbon Score Concept

IEN has helped to shape the Carbon Score and has specifically been working with the malaysiaGBC taskforce to establish the necessary methodologies for assessment of both the Energy and Transport scoring components. The Energy score will be the key scoring component in the assessment protocol, and will address total building energy consumption from all fuel types and utilizes localized carbon emissions factors developed by Green Tech Malaysia (MGTC).

The Transportation element, which is the third highest contributor to a buildings carbon emission, will utilize international carbon emission factors in accordance to the UNFCCC GHG calculator in its initial release. IEN will be involved in ongoing research in collaboration with MGBC and local academic institutions to develop localized benchmarks for the Transportation score over the next year.

The malaysiaGBC Carbon Score will be available to for all individual building owners, developers and local authorities starting June 2022, upon successful implementation of several ongoing pilot projects.


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